Traditional Catholic Vacation Bible School 5th. Day

We started the Latin Mass in the big Church today because they normally have the Mass on Fridays there.  Sometimes it is the Latin Mass and sometimes the Novus Ordo Mass.  So it was good for the people, who go to the Novus Ordo Mass, to see all the youth and children loving the Latin Mass.  The youth and children are the future church.  So lets start with them to bring back the Latin Mass.  They love it and the old people hate it.  Lets see who outlives who.  The Novus Ordo Mass or the Latin Mass?photo

photoAfter breakfast we had Latin Mass altar boy practice.  One young man told me that it was the best part of the day for him and his cousin.  That made me very happy since it is a great deal of work to teach and altar boy to serve the Latin Mass well.  Thank you to anyone reading this that is so patient and teaches altar boys how to serve the Latin Mass.

Elevation_Christmas Mass_photoThe girls got wet by throwing a lot of water ballons.  The boys keep asking when they are going to get “wet” or going swimming.  I just keep saying that is no longer in the plans.

photoWe had enchiladas for lunch.  The helpers and moms did a great job preparing a traditional non-meat meal for Friday.

photophotoIn music the students learned the Misa De Angelis.  Kyrie and Gloria.  They were told by Daniel the teacher that they can sing along with the choir at the Missa Cantata, but be quiet at the low mass.photophoto

There was plenty of soccer and fun too.photophotoWe watched a video on Eucharistic Miracles and saw about the Miracle at Lanciano Italy.  But this photo is of the blood left by a host that was carried in a Breviary instead of a pyx.

photoAt the end of the Holy Rosary they are singing the “Salve Regina”.photo