Modernist Catholics Before, Traditionalist Catholics After.

When you see adds for losing weight, they put a picture of a fat woman from before and then a picture of this same woman all skinny and sexy.  We are registering for Catechism now and I was just over in the hall thanking the volunteers and greeting the new families.  Most of the mothers and daughters arriving are in tight tight pants and short short shorts.

Lucy_LIPPI, FilippinoOne woman wants her daughter to get her confirmation in one year, instead of the two years, so that she can have her 15era.  So I spent a long time, patiently explaining how the dances, drinking, music and clothing offend God at most 15eras and that what was really important is that her daughter gets to know her Catholic faith.  I told her she can shop around and get a quick confirmation and 15era, but that is the problem with the USA and Mexico and the cartels right now.

Another father had his wife and two daughters with him.  He told me how good his daughter is in school and that she is not interested in a 15era.
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 But, the mother was in extremely tight pants, his 15 year old in tight short pants and the younger girl in leggings.

IMG_3316The “Fashion Police” says that Leggings and tights ARE NOT PANTS, and should only be worn with a top that is long enough that when you bend down  to touch your toes you still do not see your behind.  You can see here, secular people, saying that Catholics who wear Leggings are wrong.  I wonder what God and Mary are saying?

At the beginning of catechism every year, it is very difficult.  People are angry, people are offended, people leave.  But again, does anyone care about God and Mary being offended?  Yet they are coming to His Church to know about Him and receive His Sacraments, yet get angry when informed what God likes and dislikes.

Other families in their second year of catechism, who have already converted, make a big impression on the new comers.  How they kiss the hands of the priests.  How they and their children come dressed modestly and tastefully.  How they know a great deal already about their Catholic Faith.

C019_VirginSo traditional Catholicism is offensive to modernist Catholics to start with, but, with time, these people get what God and Our Lady want and begin to make the changes.  And again, as I have said before, families begin to be converted in their hearts, their homes and in their marriages.

I told the young lady and her sister that we try to get women to dress modestly here at St. Catherine’s.  There were three other children sitting with them.  We had a very good discussion.