Progressive Catholicism Leads To Crime And Children Suffering Right Now

Yesterday a young man did not come to our Traditional Catholic Vacation Bible School.  I ask him today why he had not attended.  He went on to tell me how his mother and himself went to visit a family who had lost two young men (17 & 19) by drug violence.

560x495xVA-Death-Panel.jpg.speedilic.ic.i42NEqfNc6He went on to tell me that a year ago their friends dad had been murdered by the cartels in Michoacan Mexico because he was dealing in drugs.  Then yesterday he was told about that man’s two sons also ending up being killed over drugs.  The 19 year old boy was into drugs and got in a fight and was shot 3 times in the stomach.  He went home and got a gun and brought his brother over to the house where those who had shot him lived.  There they were both shot dead.  Now the mother only has her two daughters.

993612_208816379274083_57234886_nI let Johann tell all the boys the story so that they could learn how bad drugs are.  I tell them every marijuana joint has blood on it from all the violence behind the growing and selling of it.

After this, all the young men and boys could not stop telling me, one after another, about their own bad experiences they have had or are living with right now.  They told me about drug dealers living next door to them, the loud gun shots they have to hear at night and police helicopters circling around their neighborhoods, looking for criminals.  From the very tiniest of them (5 yrs. old) to the oldest they all wanted to tell me about what they are going through.

1001388_248923911929996_1174293849_nNow to my point and theory.  Johann’s friends, who were into drugs, were baptized, made their first communions and were confirmed (Catholics).  Most of the neighbors to these boys are Catholics.  A lot of the shootings and drug dealing done here in this part of Phoenix is done by baptized.

So, most people would just explain all this violence here in Phoenix and in Mexico as people making bad choices or doing bad things.

I will, over and over again, point out that the “New Evangelization” of the Vatican II Church is not producing holy Catholics.   I contend that by the easy going progressive catechesis we are only producing bad Catholics who are then end up doing evil things, (like Catholics who are in the Mexican Cartels).  This is then causing the children, that I work with, to suffer from the crimes that are happening around them everyday and every night.

What we desperately need right now are strong traditional Catholic moral teaching.  The bleeding heart liberal Catholics always want to water down morals out of compassion for the divorced and remarried or the homosexual.  Whenever we water down one of the 10 Commandments or the traditional morals of the Catholic Church, it only undermines the structure that society stands on and the results is crime that the children have to suffer from.

IMG_0556I say that the silent victims of progressive modernistic Catholicism are the children who are never listened to by the pope, cardinals, bishops, priests and religious.  They are the ones being aborted (murdered by the thousands daily), are sexually abused by their stepdads, crying as their parents split up and get an annulment and marry a new stepparent that they have to adjust too.  Children are suffering by having to have homosexual “parents” or parents bringing different sex partners home every weekend.  Does anyone ever talk about the social injustice that these children have to bear day in and day out?

WorcesterTo be clear, when we water down the Gospel and traditional Catholic morals, it produces Catholics and others who do evil things that hurt children.  It hurts God and it hurts children and it hurts society.  Immoral Catholics and other people cause crime.  Crime hurts everyone, especially children who are afraid and are hurt everyday and every night.