Traditional Catholic Vacation Bible Study 4th Day

Today we started with the Holy Mass for the Seven Holy Brothers, Martyrs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFelicitas-150x150photophotoThen breakfast and for the young men and boys, a hour of practice on serving the Latin Mass.  

photoMeet Julio.  He is 7 and has the best latin enunciation you can ask for.  I had him do all the responses for all the other boys to hear his perfect pronunciation of the Latin responses.  

They then watched a video on the monks in France on chanting and living in a traditional Benedictine Abbey and on proof of the Resurrection of Jesus.
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photoMore soccer. photoThe twins, David and Christopher celebrated their birthdays today.  

“Thank you Mom for not aborting us, we like being alive.”photoGirls had a good time fooling around too.

photophotoThe children have a great deal of energy, so it is not so easy keeping them on track.  But, all in all they are excellent young men and women and children.
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 Thank you parents who are traditional Catholics.  You can see the difference you are making in you children’s faith.