TCVBS Third Day

After Holy Latin Mass and breakfast, we started the young men and boys off with a hour of Latin Mass Altar Boy practice.  For their first time many older boys started learning the Latin Mass parts and actions.  We repeated over and over together the prayers and then had actual practice of the actions.  St. Catherine’s still has 6 side altars where the young men and boys were able to practice at.


photoOne of the girls turned 7 today, so she got a traditional Catholic Birthday blessing and the traditional Mexican happy birthday song, “Las Mananitas”, sung to her. photo

photophotoGregorian Chant workshop worked on O Salutaris and Tantum Ergo today.   We continued working on Salve Regina as well.

photophotoThe boys were shown photos of some of the Cristero Martyrs and a video on the proof of the Resurrection of Jesus.  That is the greatest truth that our Catholic Christianity is founded on.  These Cristeros gave their lives because they believed in the resurrection.Anacleto Gonzales Flores026-1