Another Satanic Black Mass Scheduled For Sept. 21, 7pm Civic Center, Oklahoma City.

Another satanic black mass has been booked at the Civic Center of Oklahoma City for Sunday (The Lord’s Day) September 21, 2014.

topicHere is where you can call in your protest against the satanic “black mass”;

Oklahoma City Civic Center
Mr. Stephen Sharpe, event coordinator
Phone:  405-297-2584

Jennifer Lindsey-McClintock, Public Information at the Civic Center
Contact form here

Also ask the mayor and governor to stop the “Black Mass”

Contact Mr. Mick Cornett, Mayor of Oklahoma City
Phone:  405-297-2424
Fax: 405-297-3759

Contact the Governor of Oklahoma, The Hon. Mary Fallin
Phone:  405-521-2342
On Facebook
Or use this contact form

The satanist love all the publicity and conflict this is causing.  Adam Daniels, who is organizing this and who is a satanist high priest and a registered sex offender, stated that; “It’s definitely a positive for us, we continue to have an issue with Christians trying to shut us down, and this highlights that.”

Encyclopedia Britannica definition of a black mass is: “a blasphemous and usually obscene burlesque (mockery) of the true (Catholic) mass performed by Satanic cults. The naked back of a woman often serves as an altar, and a validly consecrated (Catholic) host is generally used to intensify the mockery. The rite commonly incorporates other elements of Satanic magic.”  Words in parenthesis are mine.

Eucharist 3We need to let everyone in Oklahoma City know that the sacrilegious satanic black mass is not a form of free speech, but is instead, a worship of satan by desecrating a consecrated Catholic Host, which truly is the Body of Jesus Christ.  Also that this is not educational, nor is it American.