Traditional Catholic Vacation BIble School Second Day

As what normally happens, more children and more children begin to come to the TCVBS everyday.  And of course we start off with the Holy Latin Mass.photophoto

The girls are behaving very very well.  They are all good children.   But the boys, OH BOY!

photoIt was my plan to take them to swim at the public pool everyday.  So yesterday we went and it was closed because someone had defecated in the pool and they had to do a chlorine shock treatment to the pool.  So it was closed when we walked down to the pool.

In our meeting of the young volunteers at the end of the day, one of the young men said he felt that it was God saying He did not want us going to swim at the public pool.  I think what he meant was that we should not be swimming with all the public girls in immodest bathing suits.
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Also, the time it took to get the boys changed for swimming, wasted so much time.  So we have nixed the swimming plan.  We had planned shorts and T-shirts to swim in.  Now the students can come in their semi-formal clothing and stay in it.

We start off with an hour of sports to get the boys energy out before they try to sit still and learn about God and traditional Catholicism.

photoThe boys are fine too, but it takes a lot of patience with them.photoAlmost a goal, but the goalie was too good.

photoTaking Gregorian Chant seriously.  But not too

photoThe boys had all sorts of questions about demonic possessions and ghost.  They also had questions about the seeing eye of the illuminati and other cult things.  
photoGirls continue to study God’s creation.

The girls also learned about what it means to be a woman, to nurture and to give life.  They also learned about making a home by cooking, cleaning, sowing and loving.  And they learned about a vocation to be a nun who prays or who helps in hospitals or teaches.photoThen the young men and boys teamed up to learn the Latin Mass Altar Boy Responses. photo

All you parents, priests and religious need to remember that what you are teaching your children will last all their life time.  They may reject it for a while, but them, later on, the truth will come to mind when they need it.  Children, young men and young women are future Catholics in potential.  We are trying to help them to convert from ordinary people to extra ordinary people.  To do great things with their lives.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics.