Absolutely No Extra Ordinary Eucharistic Ministers At St. Catherine Phoenix Az

Here at St. Catherine of Siena’s there is absolutely no Extra Ordinary Eucharistic Ministers. We priests and the deacon are the only ones who touch the Body Of Christ.  Only the Body of Christ is given at all the masses because the Body and Blood, soul and divinity of Jesus is in every Host.  When you receive the Holy Host you receive God-Jesus.  For 1500 years or more only the Host was given to Catholics.

9f9eebd4c494f145336e51b8a6ddda6bI know that many people are Extra Ordinary Ministers to help the priests and are doing it as a ministry.  But I contend, very, very strongly, that only priests have consecrated hands to touch Jesus in the Holy Communion.  So I want to ask all of you reading this to not touch the Holy Host.  Let priests take Holy Communion to the sick people.  Also in that way we are able to hear confession and make sure the people are truly prepared to receive Jesus.

There is a man who was in the seminary and installed at Acolyte long time ago.  He does take Holy Communion to the Sick People.

photoOnce a month I also go to hear confessions and to bring the Holy Communion to the shut-ins. Yesterday was the Sunday for me to go.  We had visited many homes when we finished at a Convalescent Hospital.

As we were giving Holy Communion, two of Mother Theresa’s sisters came down the hall. They were so glad to see me because they knew of people in the Alzheimer-psyche ward that needed to go to confession.

photoI had been to this convalescent hospital many times, but never in the locked down part.  It was so so sad.  We were there at dinner time and they were all crammed into a small cafeteria.  The food was served on plastic plates and was not that good.  People were asking for some coffee and had to wait quite awhile to get some.

Many people wanted to talk to me and I spent time listening to many.  1 wants me to baptize him Catholic because he was only baptized a mormon.  2 did the best they could to confess their sins.  Another needs help getting out, but no one is helping her and she rarely gets a pass to leave for some time.  They are all living in a close quartered nightmare.

Each one of us should be so so happy we are free to come in and out of our houses.  We should be so happy to not be committed to a Alzheimer ward.  We are so blessed to have our freedom and our mind that can make common decisions.

Crucifixion_FERRARI, GaudenzioI wanted to take some pictures but did not want to embarrass the poor people.  Even though it was so sad, God also worked while we visited these people.

May we never take for granted everything we have and can do.  And let us also reach out in Catholic love to others that are not so fortunate as we are.