Holy Pilgrimage To Chimayo Sanctuary New Mexico And Heaven

In 1810 a Spanish farmer (Don Bernardo de la Incarnacion Abeyta) was plowing his field in New Mexico U.S.A. when his plow hit on something that was not a rock.  He dug and found a crucifix.

photoHe took the crucifix to the local priest.  The next day he was plowing again and hit the same crucifix at the same place.  So he decided to make a shrine for Jesus right where the crucifix was found.  photoAt the exact spot, there is a hole into which dirt from the Sanctuary is filled everyday and hundreds of pilgrims come and take some of the earth back home with them.  Some of the pilgrims are to old to stoop down and get the earth.  Carlos, who is traveling with us helped fill bags and containers for them.

photoAs the sign above says, many people come here looking for physical, spiritual or emotional healing.  Fr. Brennan, who took us, here told us about a true story of his first pastor here in the Diocese of Santa Fe.

This priest’s mother had walked on pilgrimage for three days to get here with her mother for a miracle.  His mother had been born blind and her mother was bringing her asking for a miracle for her daughter to be able to see in one eye.

photoWhen they arrived and put the earth into her eyes, she was not healed.  But on the way back home she started to run.  Her mother called her to stop so that she would not fall.  The girl cried out that she could see in one eye and could run.

Later on her son the priest was studding in Washington D.C. and met an eye doctor.  He told him about the miracle.  The doctor told him he may be able to help his mother see in the other eye since so many advances in eye medicine had recently taken place.  When he went home and told his mother, she said that she would never do that since God had been so kind as to give her the vision in one eye and she was for ever thankful for that.

photoThere is also a chapel close by built in honor of the pilgrim Jesus, “Santo Nino De Atocha”.

People do need to go on pilgrimages, especially traditional pilgrimages where the Latin Mass is offered each day and people pray along the way and dress modestly.

We are actually all on a pilgrimage through this valley of tears to our true homeland, Heaven.  May we never forget that this life is but a second in comparison with eternity.  Where do we want to reach?  Heaven or Hell.

photoIf heaven is your destiny, then do everything you possibly can to be a holy traditional Catholic.  Pray, love, help others and have lots of faith in God and Mary.  Also, everyday remind yourself of the possibility of ending at the wrong destination; Hell.

In the meantime, it is wonderful that there are places where we can go and get God, Mary’s and the saints’ help.  They have already tread the path that we are on.  Let us be comforted to know that God, the saints and the angels are on our journey with us.