Traditional Catholics, Like St. John The Baptist, Cry Out In BlogSphere Desert : “Repent”

St. John the Baptist is a great example for us who are blogging, writing or involved in any way with Catholic apologetics.  His only goal was to prepare the way for Jesus’ Kingdom.

John the Baptist_ANGELICO, FraSt. John The Baptist is the greatest prophet.  He was formed in Elizabeth’s womb to prepare the way for Jesus.  From the moment he was visited by Jesus, (in Mary’s womb), he was filled with the Holy Spirit and jumped for joy.

From a young age, he separated himself from the contamination of the world to dedicate himself solely to prayer, fasting and learning the Word of God.  He instructed many young disciples in prayer and mortification.

Virgin and Child in Glory with Sts John the Baptist and Stephen_ANSELMI, MichelangeloHe was extremely humble in the way he dressed and spoke.  He bowed out to Jesus, once he had pointed Him out as the Messiah, the Christ who was to come.  He let go of  his beloved disciples to go follow Jesus, rather than keeping them for himself.  He humbly acknowledged that he was not even worthy to unfasten the sandals of Jesus.  He refused to baptized Jesus, until Jesus demanded him to do so.

1098502_217672288388492_389842753_nEvery time we say the Holy Latin Mass, every day, over and over again, we repeat the Last Gospel, (The prologue to John’s Gospel).  In it we read about the important role of St. John the Baptist.  He was a witness to give testimony of the Light so that all men might believe.  And that is precisely what we, who are blogging or writing or in apologetics, should only be doing and nothing more.

And while I am at it, I am sure St. John the Baptist did not charge any fees to go and preach about the coming Kingdom of Jesus.  I am sure he did not have any adds on his camels skin to make a little more money on the side.  He lived poverty and ate only locust and wild honey.  In other words, he allowed God to provide for him.

His humility is so important for us who are well known on TV, internet or talking circuits.  He did not fall, like some of the famous speakers on EWTN, because of his humility and love of God rather than money and fame.

What I especially admire about St. John, is his courage to say the truth.  And, like Jesus, it cost him his life and his head.  All of us traditional Catholics have lost parishes, friends, jobs and love, just for standing up for traditional Catholic Biblical truth and modest dress codes.  We have gained hatred, enemies, degradation, ostracization and titles like “extremest”.

6579_Pierre-Beading-of-John-the-Baptist-628x361But so far, who ever is reading this, we have not yet lost our lives or our heads for speaking the truth.  St. John the Baptist is most known for condemning King Herod for living with his brother’s wife, Herodias.  Each one of us should be willing to speak the truth like he did.  And as it has already been said, you will earn powerful enemies within the Church and in the government.  The church leaders of St. John’s times claimed he was possessed and crazy.  Sound familiar?  That is what they said of Jesus too.

The Vatican’s Extraordinary Synod on pastoral ministry to divorced and remarried couples and homosexual couples goes against what Jesus said; “Let no man divide what God has united” and what John the Baptist said to king Herod when he told him that he could not remarry his brother’s wife.  We need to follow their example, not the world’s.

2012copenhagentlmwedding_ratificationWe have been given the mission to go and spread what Jesus taught; “Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world.”  Matt. 28: 20.  May we never forget, that Jesus will be with us traditional Catholics all days, no matter how badly we are treated in and outside the Church.  Only He matters, and absolutely no one else.

Just a side note.  I hope, by this poor simple blog, I can inspire many more traditional Catholics, especially young ones, to have a blog or produce videos for YouTube.

In order to have my blog, I pay who then work with the actual blog carrier,  A few days ago I was contacted by who contracts with  They said that there were security problems with my blog and needed to contact them immediately.  Eventually I contacted them and they said since I have grown so much, the size of scanner I was being scan for weakness in my blog.

wpid-photo-3-mar-2014-1211But, what was most interesting, is that they say the greatest amount of hacking done is against religious blogs and mostly by muslims hackers.  They also said that when you are controversial, all the more you will be the object of hackers trying to bring down your blog.

Hackers will also attempt to stop the flow of money to your site and the things you may be funding.  Again, thank God I have no money flowing in to stop.

So we may not be the object of Herodias, King Herod or the scribes and Pharisees, but we are targets for other groups of people.

1394302_248404825315238_826283528_nSome day we may have to go back to snail mail (post office letters), land lines (telephones with real telephone lines) and preaching to real people inside or outside a church.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and continue Jesus’ commission to spread the Gospel to all the ends of the world.