Ordinary Catholic Parish Does Things Extra Ordinarily Well To Honor Jesus

Parents, here at St. Catherine of Siena, that attend the Novus Ordo and Latin Mass, send their children together to Catechism.  When the parents and children arrive, many come immodestly dressed, very liberal, and ignorant about Catholicism.

photoAfter a few months of hard work on the part of us priests, the catechism teachers and the directors, things start to change.  You see that the parents really begin to see things from God’s point of view and not the world’s point of view.

photoThe parents and students are asked to come to catechism well dressed and modest with the best they have for God.  Many start out complaining, but little by little things change.

Many of the traditional parents have their children in catechism too.  These parents and children give the rest, a great example to the others by how they dress, how they pray and  how they know and live the Catholic faith.

photoSo, yesterday afternoon, we had First Communion and Confirmation practice.  I was so edified by how only 3 women came to church in pants.  Maybe on woman had sensual clothing on.
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 Almost every woman and girl had their veil on.  And everyone, especially the children, were so respectful for the one and half hour practice.
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photoThey will all be receiving Holy Communion at the altar rail kneeling and on the tongue.

For of us that love and respect God, we need to keep on working for others to understand and to practice what is proper and just for God in His Holy Church (and outside church too).  Let us, instead of despairing, keep on working, and little by little things do change.

photoAll of you priests, who are also very concerned about the immoral way people dress for Church and the disrespect Catholics have for Jesus in the Holy Communion, work with your Director of Religious Education.  Talk every week with the parents.  It is a very uphill battle.  But look at what is happening here at St. Catherine of Siena Church.