Vigil In Memory Of Fr. Kenneth Walker At Abortion Mill

Fr. Joseph Lee and Fr. Phil, FSSP, accompanied us at the vigil in honor of Fr. Kenneth Walker’s faithfulness to praying at the abortion mills here in Phoenix Arizona.  We were at Family Planning Association,  1331 Nth. 7th St. Phoenix Arizona.

photoLIFE-GENDERphotophotoMany people from Mater Misericordae Mission, St. Catherine of Siena, along with 40 Days For Life, Phoenix and Tempe came to pray the Holy Rosary with us.
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photoWe prayed “The Life Rosary”.  Someone was so kind as to print up plenty of copies.   It was the first time I have prayed this “Life Rosary”.  Very good scriptural knowledge went into each meditation for the 3 traditional mysteries of the Holy Rosary.
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 Each of us priests lead one of the traditional mysteries, Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious.  photophotoThere was also the free mobile ultrasound scan and pregnancy tests van present.  Thank you to all of you wonderful people who care about saving the most vulnerable poor person in the world, living in his mothers womb.

Fr. Walker’s life was “Aborted” on June 11, 2014.  Requiescant In Pace.  At least he was baptized before he was murdered.  Aborted babies do not get this great gift of sanctifying grace.

Fr. Phil attended the Holy Rosary and Funeral, and told me that Bishop Olmsted said some very profound things at the Holy Rosary and was present for the Funeral the next day.