St. Thomas Beckett Excommunicates Man Who Murdered Catholic Priest

In the movie on Archbishop St. Thomas Beckett, you can see the solemn excommunication of Sir Gilbert for the murder of a priest.  Killing a priest, is in a way, an act against God, because we are his emissaries. murder_of_becketIn looking for more on excommunication for murder, sad to say I read about a priest in Mexico who killed his own son to get out of trouble for begetting him.  He was caught. Not to long ago, I read about a priest in Africa who murdered his concubine because she got pregnant. God forgive us priests.  God help us to overcome all our temptations, especially of the flesh.  Thank you for all the prayers you offer for us sinner priests.  And forgive us for all the sins we have committed against God, the Church and lay Catholics.

Especially pray for the pope, bishops, priests, and religious to stop watering down or excusing away the Catholic faith.  This is a great sin against God’s revealed truth.

If you want to see the Canon Law before 1993, you can see Canon Law 1917 on line.  Again you will be very saddened at how things have been watered down.  One example is the canon law forbidding praying with heretics (protestants).