Holy Rosary Vigil In Honor Of Fr. Kenneth Walker At Abortion Mill This Sat. 9:30

This Saturday, June 21, in honor of Fr.
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Walker and Fr. Terra, we are having a:

tumblr_mvrlthqdxy1r6mdnjo1_500Holy Rosary Vigil at the “Family Planning Association” abortion (baby killing) mill at 1331 N. 7th St.  Phoenix Arizona.  We will pray the Holy Rosary Saturday at 9:30 am.

The mill is located at the corner of 7th St.
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and Highway 1-10, not too far from downtown Phoenix.  Take the 7th St. Exit off of Highway 1-10.  North East corner, and is a 5 story brown building.

If you are not able to come, at least take the time to pray a Holy Rosary where ever you are at this time to end the killing of millions of unborn babies.  You could also organize a Holy Rosary at the abortion mill closes to you.

Also let people know that Fr. Walker was “aborted”, murdered, just like all the pre born babies are everyday, but with all the murderers being paid and honored for their crime.  But, we all know, that when these mothers, fathers, doctors and nurses die, they will see these torn apart and bloody little children once again.

You can get rid of the “problem baby” here, for now.  But upon death, you will be surprisingly horrified when you meet this “human baby” of whom you took their precious life.

pregnancyBecause it is legal to murder un born babies in the US, because it is praised as a wonderful thing, because there are abortion mills anxious to get your money and kill your baby, many mothers turn to this “bloody death solution” to get out of an unplanned pregnancy.

Every pregnancy, wanted or unwanted, is a wonderful miracle of new life.  Let us rejoice at every child conceived as a great gift from God and not a problem to be killed.