Gary Moran, The Man Who Murdered Fr. Walker, Has An Irish Catholic Last Name

Fr. Joseph Terra thanked all of those, including yourselves, for having prayed for him while recovering after the brutal attack in his rectory that nearly cost him his life.  He stated that if it had not been for the prayers, he would not have survived.

fr-kenneth-walker-fssp-ripThere is another article from Australian News with more details about the attack and Gary Moran.  The bail bond for him has been placed at 1 million dollars.

When Fr. Saenz called me wednesday night to tell me of Fr. Walker’s death and Fr. Terra’s serious condition, I asked who did it?  I asked that question because I wanted to know if a Catholic had done it.  That would make it so much worse.  He said he did not know, just pray.

When I heard the last name “Moran”, I remembered a Irish volunteer that helped me at the St. Francis Catholic Kitchen in Santa Cruz California who was named Pat Moran.  So I did research, and sure enough it is an Irish name.  This means that Gary Moran has some Catholic roots somewhere.

The name is Gaelic and comes from O’Morain or O’Moghrain.  They are from County Mayo in Ireland.  The name means “Big One”.

I bring this up to show us that we are failing as Catholics popes, bishops, priests, religious and parents to raise holy christian children.  We Baptize them, we have them receive First Holy Communion, and we have the Confirmed, but they still belong to the world.

Right this second, how many Catholic christians are in jail and prison for committing terrible crimes.

Last night I was interviewed briefly on Univision TV.  They made it very very brief because of all the time spent on the World Cup Soccer with Mexico playing today.  I did it to promote the Latin Mass and the novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus we are starting tomorrow.
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babyfeetAs I was waiting to be interviewed, I saw them showing Mexican women doing witchcraft so Mexico will win.
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 My friends said they spent a long time showing the witchcraft and a few minutes on Fr. Walker and Fr. Terra.  There we have it, baptized Catholics practicing witchcraft for a stupid soccer game.  If Mexico looses, I will know why.  God is against these evil satanic rituals called “white witchcraft”.

The TV interview was mostly concerning that Fr. Terra had a pistol.  I told them that he lived in a dangerous area and that there is nothing wrong with having arms to protect oneself.  Even priests have a right to protect themselves and others.  Sad to say that Fr. Terra’s pistol was used to murder Fr.
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We continue to pray for the conversion of Gary Moran, Fr. Terra’s recovery and many holy young vocations to traditional Catholic priesthood.

IMG_0583Today, when we pray the Holy Rosary in Latin at the Abortion Mill, we will especially remember Fr. Walker and Fr. Terra who were so consistent in praying at the mills for the end of murder and to say babies lives.