Fr. Walker’s Solemn High Requiem Mass, St. Catherine Phoenix Arizona

The suspect has been arrested in the shooting of Fr. Walker and beating of Fr. Terra.  A friend told me that he was heard boasting of beating a priest.  Can read the very sad details here at CBS 5 News.

Fr. Terra has been released from the hospital and has moved back to Mater Misericordiae.  He has a broken jaw, arm and sever cuts on his hands.  I think? he said he had lost part of a finger too. He said that he was not in his cassock when the attack took place, and when Fr. Walker came into the room with his cassock on, he was immediately shot.  He is wondering if he was shot because he was a priest???
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  We do not know as of yet???

I hope we will still pray the novena.  I will modify it to the fit the circumstance now.  But I feel great good has already come just by writing the novena and publishing it in the news.  God can do, ahead of time, what He knows will be prayed for later.  God is out side of time.  Check the novena on this blog and print up the modified version to pray from this Wednesday June 18th to June 26th.

Fr. Walker’s Solemn High Requiem MassphotophotophotophotophotophotophotoFr. Terra Was At The Requiem Mass In A Wheel Chair.  After the Requiem Mass he came to the hall for the reception and everyone was able to get a blessing from him. We all cheered as he left.photophotoPriests from the Society of St. Pius X came because I went and Invited them yesterday. photoMother Theresa’s Sisters. photo