Bloody Murder Of Fr. Walker And Bloody Horror Film Convention Downtown Phoenix

As you know, my vocation it to spread the treasure of traditional Catholicism, especially the Holy Latin Mass.  So a friend of mine ask me to get the Sacred Heart Novena for Fr.
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Walker on the news so that everyone can see the effects of this Novena.  I said I would help if she made the connections with the media.560x495xVA-Death-Panel.jpg.speedilic.ic.i42NEqfNc6

So I did an interview with Channel 12, down town Phoenix.  As I walked out of the studio, I was shocked to see a young man with open wounds around one of his eyes and blood all over his face.  His girlfriend had blood all over her clothes.  It was such a shock to see after just speaking about the bloody murder of Fr. Walker and the real bloody wounds of Fr. Terra.

So I went into the Sheraton Hotel to find out what was going on.
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 They told me that they were just finishing up a 3 day Horror Film Convention called “Mad Monster Convention”.  It was sad to see people enjoying bloody horror.  This is one of the reasons why we have murders.

I try to tell people that watching horror movies is a sin.  Many many Catholics look at horror movies.  They especially love “Para Normal Activities”. Just because you may like scary things does not make it right.

God is of light.  The devil is of darkness.  Jesus rose on Sunday morning.  We are people of the light.

Many children greatly enjoy bloody killing video games.

We traditional Catholics need to say something about this.  Now is a good time to stop looking at the horror movies and playing bloody video games.