Fr. Kenneth Walker (FSSP) Was “Aborted” On June 11, 2014 R.I. P.

Fr. Kenneth Walker was, as any christian should be, adamantly against the cruel murdering of the tiny children in the womb of their mothers.  I say that Fr. Walker was “aborted” to show that abortion is murder.  Fr. Walker was murdered, just like all the millions of innocent babies murdered by abortion day in and day out.

17458416-9cd8-4f44-a3ca-3cd1c750da57Fr. Kenneth Walker at the Abortion Mill where I go and pray the Holy Rosary every tuesday.

The only difference between him being “aborted” and the babies being aborted, is that the police are looking for the suspect who “aborted” his life, while there is no-one interested in arresting the fathers, mothers, doctors and nurses who systematically murder millions of human babies every year.

The total hypocrisy of prosecuting one person for taking a human life, and our president lauding others who murder humans in the womb, is absolutely insane.

abortoEvery year, Fr. Walker helped get parishioners from Mater Misericordiae Mission to get involved with the 40 Days For Life here in Phoenix.  He would go with Fr. Terra every week to the abortion mill to pray the Holy Rosary.

In our American Culture of Death, may the death of Fr. Walker, in some way, stop the cruel murder of God’s babies in their mothers womb.

Speaking with many of the parishioners of Mater Misericordea, they expressed to me the worries about the dangers of having their parish in such a dangerous neighborhood.  Yet, rarely does anyone talk about the fact that most babies are also conceived in a very dangerous area too, their mother womb.   In that “neighborhood, they are easily sucked out by a vacuum tube and hidden down the sewer or sold for the re-use of their poor body parts for some commercial benefit.

Right now, God is rewarding Fr. Walker in heaven for standing up for life.  May his blood cry out in heaven and down here on earth for all the blood shed in the taking of the innocent babies lives.  The abortion process is very bloody.

Mary, Mother of LIFE, Pray For Us.