Traditional Catholic Priest (Fr. Walker FSSP) Murdered In Phoenix Arizona

Very tired from my mother’s funeral and sound asleep, I was awoken by a phone call last night at 12:30 am from Fr. Alonso Saenz.  He had just returned from the hospital where he had been with Fr. Terra, whom had been stabbed and in critical condition and with the body of Fr. Walker.  He told me that robbers had broken into Mater Misericordia Church rectory and had killed Fr. Walker.  He asked me to pray.  Obviously, I prayed, but then could not sleep that well from then on.


I just talked to Fr. Walker on Saturday.  I was suppose to stay in Mexico, till June 13, for the installation of a bishop friend of mine in Puebla Mexico.  So I had asked Fr. Terra and Fr. Walker to cover the Sunday Holy Latin Mass at 10 am at the St. John Bosco chapel (St. Catherine) while I was gone. So when I returned early, because of the critical condition of my mother, I called Fr. Walker to thank him, but that I would offer the Sunday Mass. In fact, he had just returned the day before from Our Lady of Guadalupe seminary where he had attended a priest’s retreat for the priests of The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter’s.  He told me it was an excellent retreat and that he had gotten a lot out of it.  I am sure that he never imagined that this retreat was preparing him for eternal life. Vanitas_1603_MetKnowing Fr. Walker, I am deeply saddened by his death, and the way he had to die.  But I also am consoled that very very likely he was in sanctifying grace after attending the retreat and the way he believe and lived his traditional Catholic faith.  Fr. Terra, in the seriously wounded condition, gave Fr. Walker Extreme Unction.  That was a very heroic deed of Fr. Terra.

Sad to say, I know only too well how many priest live.  But with him, I feel, with almost absolutely certainty, that he lived a life full of grace and out of mortal sin.  God will welcome him and reward his self donation to the priestly vocation. Fr. Walker had help us here at St. Catherine to learn to do the Missa Solemne.  He was very kind and humble.  He told me that he had put many classical Catholic books in a form that they could be easily downloaded and read.  I hope people will take advantage of his work and read these spiritual classics.

Fr. Terra is from the same diocese as I am.  He left my diocese to joined the FSSP because of how liberal things had gotten in our diocese.  I have know him for a long time because he was also in Sacramento at St. Stephen First Martyr. In Ictu Oculi_Hospital de la Caridad_Seville_1670-72My condolences to Fr. Walkers parents and family.  I think he told me he is from a large family.  Also let us all pray for Fr. Terra recovery and the traditional Latin community at Mater Misericordia in downtown Phoenix Arizona.  I know that many people love Fr. Walker and Fr. Terra.

Right now at their seminary, a parishioner of theirs, Elijah is on the retreat to enter the seminary there.  Also a friend of my, Brad, is on retreat there too.  I am sure it must be a sad time for them there at the Seminary with this bad news.  Let us pray for these young men on this discernment retreat and for many holy vocations to the Holy Priesthood of Jesus Christ to make up for Fr. Walker’s death.

Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, Pray for Fr. Terra and the soul fo Fr. Walker.  Requiescant In Pace.  And may many many blessing come from this sacrificial life of Fr. Walker