Death Will Arrive Some Day

Simon Renard de Saint-Andre_Vanitas_1650_Lyons_Musee des B-AMost of us are too busy to believe in death.  Deep inside, we do not at all feel that we are ever going to die.  I believe that is because, who we truly are, our soul, knows we are immortal.
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 One of my wise friends, at the age of 85, told me that inside we always feel young.  I agree so much with him.

s.Teresa di Lisieux 06 But, the problem with this, is that we can forget the absolute reality of certain death.  I alway like to tell people that the scientific studies, although there have been many great scientific advances in prolonging life, still come up with a 100% of all humans still dying.

Graveyard_FRIEDRICH, Caspar DavidI also like to tell my friends that if they really are my friends they will tell me over and over again; “Father Carota, do not go to hell”.  I have even thought of having that on my grave stone.  Father Carota said; “Do not go to hell”.

Master of Coetivy_Divine Comedy_Hell_France _Paris_1450-66_BNF_Italien 72_1Hell is forever.  Hell is final.  Hell is horror.  Hell is torture.  Hell is hot.  Hell is hell.  Hell is devils.  Hell is eternal remorse to haunt us.  Hell is “worms that die not and fire”.

CatafalqueHeaven is God.  Heaven is love.  Heaven is peace.  Heaven is Joy.  Heaven is beauty.  Heaven is extreme friendship and intimacy.  Heaven is eternal.  Heaven is always new.  Heaven is pleasure beyond imagination.  Angel of Death_VERNET, Horace