10 Suggestions To Plan Your Requiem Mass With Non-Traditional People Attending

Some of you may want the Latin Requiem Mass for a loved one or for yourself.  So here is what I am doing for my mother and to help you go prepare so you will have some pre-warning on how to handle the people invited and other relatives.

Requiem_Beyond the Glass_photo1) Get permission from your loved one ahead of time.  To plan the Latin Requiem Mass for my mother’s funeral, before she passed away, I asked her first, if it was alright.  I let my dad and brother know too.  No one in my family is a traditional Catholic.  My parents (my dad and my deceased mom) and two brothers are the only ones who even practice the  Catholic faith.  It is the same thing that has happened to almost all Catholic families since Vatican II.

2) Inform your family and friends ahead of time and be ready to be persecuted.  When you have the Latin Requiem Mass, other family members and friends will not be happy about it.  So I am letting people know ahead of time that I am offering the Latin Mass.  I am willing to be persecute for doing this for the good of my mother’s soul.  So when family and people object and harass you, remember why you are offering this Holy Latin Requiem Mass; because it has very powerful prayers for the soul of the deceased that are not found in the Novus Ordo Funeral Mass.

I love my mother and I know that she is in purgatory.  How can anyone say that they love someone and know that they are in the fires of purgatory and not do everything spiritual in their powers to get them out?  The Requiem Mass gets loved ones out of purgatory sooner.  That is why I am going to all of this effort.  Because I believe and love my mother.

Requiem 33) Find a church that will allow you to offer the Requiem Latin Mass.   Most priests are against the Latin Mass, so look for one who is willing to let you have one.  It will also take a lot of moving of the things in the sanctuary, so you want to have a priest who will allow you to prepare for the Latin Mass.  Most parishes will not understand anything about a Latin Funeral.  So you need someone who is open to doing it without ministers, other priests, deacons etc.  Also you want a place that has an altar rail if possible.

4) Warn priests and deacon that there is no concelebration at the Requiem Mass.    Some will be upset because they like to be part of the show up on the altar.  Priests can come and sit in choir in the sanctuary vested in surplus, stole and berretta.

5) Prepare your altar boys and Master of Ceremonies.  The Requiem mass is slightly different from the low Latin Mass, and how to bless and incense the coffin in church and at the cemetery.

6) Get all the things necessary for the Requiem Mass.   Very few churches have them.

7 Read an announcement before Holy Mass begins.  People do not like to have to kneel and receive Holy Communion on the tongue.  So they get angry about that.  On my parent’s 70th. wedding anniversary, I offered the Latin Mass.   My uncle (God father) and wife, got so angry at me and got others angry at me too.  They were screaming in church.  They asked if I had permission to say the Latin Mass.  I said that Pope Benedict gave me permission.

requiem Mass 28) Invite many traditional Catholics to sit up front in the church.  I have many of my traditional Catholic friends attending and when they sit up front, they will let people know when to kneel and sit and stand by their own actions.

9) Find a priest willing to offer the Requiem Mass.  Priests move and so do pastors of traditional friendly parishes.  So one needs to find several priests willing to offer your Requiem Mass.  We never know when we will die, so we need plan for the long shot.  The Fraternity of St. Peter are very helpful and could be one group to be in contact with.  Also other priests that love the Latin Mass could travel to offer it for you.

10) Pray to God, Mary, St. Joseph, the angels and saints so that all will work out.

Here is what I am going to announce:

  1. No one who is not Catholic or who have not gone to confession after committing a mortal sin are to come for Holy Communion.
  2. When receiving Holy Communion, you must kneel and receive on the tongue at this mass.
  3. You do not say Amen when receiving because I do that for you.
  4. Follow the other people (traditional people placed up front in church who know what to do) as to when to sit, stand and kneel down.
  5. Pope Benedict in 2007 gave permission for any priest to offer the Latin Mass again.  He also said that it is a great treasure of the Catholic Church that is to be loved and respected.

Requiem Mass_elevation 2As you all know, we traditional Catholics are not understood or appreciated.  And as you also so know, down right hated and treated as trash.  But for the love of our relatives it is worth all the hassles and pain to get them out of purgatory.  They will reward us from heaven.

But also this is an excellent time to show others the wonder, the sacred, the mystery of the traditional Catholic rites that have been rediscovered to be appreciated once again.