Estelle Carota Requiescant In Pace 1921 – 2014

Pentecost Sunday, June 8th, my mother Estelle Carota passed from this life to Eternity.  She was raised in a Presbyterian.  When she went to De Paul University and studied St. Thomas Aquinas in philosophy, she was convinced of the truth of the Catholic faith, and converted to Catholicism.  Her dad had said, “be any kind of religion you want, except a Catholic”.  She then met my dad who was a Catholic.

Thomas Aquinas_LIPPI, FilippinoI had an excellent mother who was, at first, not able to conceive.  Then they adopted 4 boys.  Then, thanks be to God I was conceived. (I always called my mom on my birthday to thank her for not aborting me).  They continued to have and adopt more children.  My parents had 6 natural children and 13 adopted children.

My mother was a teacher and homeschooled us till high school.  Along with all the children and work, she still, was able to homeschool.  It was not easy, but she did it.  Mothers who read this, do not get discourage with you homeschooling.  It is worth while.

SONY DSCShe, along with my dad, insisted on studying the Bible.  She was very strong about maintaining our purity and to not sin.

She and my dad were married for 71 years and was always faithful.  On her wedding ring she had the “Forget me not” flowers imprinted.

One of my adopted brothers was Hydrocephalic.  He was born with a very large head (water on the brain) and was being left to die in the hospital.  My mother had to the teach him to balance his large head to be able to walk.

563709_249629065192814_2114727913_nWhen my dad retired, they went back to Mexico to work with the poor.  My mother would drive a VW Van, (with beans, powder mild and butter donated by the Canadian Government) over mountainous areas to weekly distribute this food to the poor.  She would also sow linen dippers to give to mothers for their new born babies.

In 1963, we went as a family to Guanajuato Mexico to build a school for the poor.  There were baby twins born (Pedro and Pedra).  My mother was still breast feeding my sister, so she help breast feed one of the twins to keep it alive.

photoI am sad that my mother died, but I am also happy that she is now on her way to heaven.  I am almost certain that, even though she was such wonderful Catholic, wife and mother, she is going to have to be in purgatory.  So I would appreciate prayers for my good mother.  I am so thankful for her example and life of faith and service, especially to the poor.

My parents are great people.  But they also had problems with their marriage at times.  My mother also went through with some bouts with depression.  So if you read this that think that they were the perfect couple and had the perfect life, that is not true.  They were ordinary people who, with faith in God, did extraordinary things.  I want to encourage all of you to have great faith and go out of the ordinary way of living to do great and little things for God.

I am offering the Requiem Mass for the soul of my mother this Wednesday June 11, 2pm at San Juan Bautista Mission, San Juan Bautista, California.