Traditional Catholic Cristeros Martyrs Of Mexico

Ever since Benito Juarez, the Mexican Government has been persecuting Catholic people and stealing land from the Catholic Church 1840 to 1940.  Priests and laymen alike have been tortured and killed.  They also had to pay ransom of thousands of silver Pesos to get a family member free from the Government kidnappings.  If a person would hide a priest or allow the Holy Latin Mass in their homes, the government would take their property away.

Padre Pro JuárezPadre Pro Pray For Us.

During all this persecution and robbery, mostly caused by the masons, the protestant religions were never targeted.
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EstandarteThe Mexican American war (1846) was instigated by the masonic president of the United States, Polk, to destroy the relationship between the Church and the Mexican Government and rob Mexican states.  Everywhere the Catholic Church worked with the government, the masons would infiltrate and do a “filibuster” and take over the government.  This happened in Florida, Louisiana and Texas.

Andres Romo y Guadalupe LopezOnce the masons had possession of Texas, (the “Lone Star State” which is really a masonic pentagram which they believe in, water, air, fire, earth and spirit) they provoked the war against Mexico.

Once they overran Mexico with killing and destructive war and arrived at Mexico City, they “purchased” California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Texas for 15 million dollars.  Before this, the USA had offered Mexico 30 million dollars.  All those states really were robbed by the masons from Catholic Mexico.

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The Cristeros were from 1926-1933.  I will write more about them when I have more time.  Que Viva Cristo Rey, Que Viva La Virgin De Guadalupe.  The Mexicans were very good Catholics and suffered greatly.  Now with the new way of being Catholic they are leaving the Catholic faith and joining the other false religions.

Marcos Torres y su aistenteWhen these die, they will see all their priests and relatives that were robbed, torture and killed for being Catholics, and they having left Jesus’ Church for lies from new religious teachers.