A Holy Traditional Catholic Life Is Worth It

While here in Mexico I am out visiting many sick people and families.  Other people come to visit me too.  The main thing I am reminded of in all this is that sin causes us and others immense suffering.  Also that the sins of the fathers are truly paid for by their children, and on and on it goes.

Taking a few minutes to reflect on the sad consequence of others sins really does help us to stay faithful and to obey God’s loving rules.  Here are just a few of the things I heard today in my visits.

st-joseph-patron-of-the-churchA blind woman was married with a husband who began to drink.  He hardly came home, and when he did, he would humiliate her.  She then got interested in another man and thinks he will make her happy.  She now lives with her daughter and sisters, but they do not get along.

Another family I visited never go to church.  The husband and the wife live in the same house but live in two separate worlds.  There grown son also told me of his sufferings because of the fighting in his family.

An old man I visited lived a few years with a woman and never had any children.  He is now old, sick, and alone with his brother.

photoAs I arrived home, I ran into a woman crying and who had just come to my house to find me.  She told me that her husband had just hit her and came, with her baby and daughter, for help.  Her husband I have know since he was a boy and he use to play soccer with me and all the other boys when he was young.  His grandfather, his dad, his brothers and himself are drunkards that go on and off to AA or swear to not drink.  The woman’s father was also a drunkard and is now suffering the consequences from it by suffering from stomach ulcers that could burst at any moment.  She also told me about her husband committing adultery and finding an open condom package.

Our Lady of Sorrows_statueI write these things to remind us that, as hard as it is for us to obey God’s loving laws, the life of disobeying them, is so much more difficult.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know right from wrong and to do what is right and avoid what is wrong.  We are also so fortunate to have the Latin Mass to go to and that gives us passion for our Catholic faith.  When you are traditional, you are still far from perfect,  but you do try to be perfect because you truly believe in the eternal punishment of hell for breaking God’s laws.  You also truly believe that sin is a great offense agains God and others.  The graces available to us, through the great traditional sacraments, help us to fight the devil and over come our fleshly temptations.

Cajetan_appeasing Divine anger_SOLIMENA, FrancescoBelieving strongly in tradition, truth and God really does make a difference.  So when we are assaulted with the world, the devil and the flesh, we stop and reflect.  Does God really love me and have rules for my good?  Will sin really effect my life and others?  Are there eternal consequences for my sins?

When you strongly believe in God’s rules, it is easier to obey them and avoid DRAMA.  Let us help others come to understanding and living by this TRUTH.
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I also am blessing water, 5 gallons at a time, with the traditional Latin Blessing here.
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