Traditional Catholic Morning Wake Up C.O.F.F.E.E.

I wanted to come up with some morning attitude to go along with the word C.O.F.F.E.E.

IMG_6487C. Confidence (Con Fide, With Faith).  Living each day with confidence (faith) that God is Our best friend and at our side no matter how things may appear.

O. Openness.  Every morning we open our hearts to welcome God and ears to hear his voice.   We open our lives and doors to meet new people and to make new friends.   We open our mind to have new experiences today.

F. Faithful.  We are people of faith in God’s power and goodness.
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  This helps us to prayer, to love, to work, to communicate, to exercise, to eat healthy and to rest today.

F. Forgetful.  We live each day as a new gift from God, a new beginning.  We let go of yesterday and all of the past, with its baggage of hurts, grudges and disappointments, so as to be able to live in the present moment.  The past is dead, over with, gone.  Let us not look back, only forward as a new adventure coming from the hands of our loving God.

E. Enjoy (Live In Joy).   We make a commitment to enjoy every second of this new day and see it as it really is, a great gift from God to be enjoyed.
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  We also want to enjoy children, family, friends, food, nature, animals and most of all being traditional Catholics.

E. Eternity.  Even though we enjoy and live in the present with God, we know that this is a passing life.  Our true joy and love (God) waits for us in heaven.  There, we will especially enjoy His Loving presences for ever.  That is why this is our real and final goal.   So we live today to be able to enjoy God for ever with Him in Heaven.  We also know that hell is eternal flames, so we live today obeying the loving laws of God.