So Many Souls To Save And So Few People Willing

I am visiting Mexico again.  It is so different here where pretty much every Mexican is polite enough to talk with a priest.  In the Unites States it is very hard to talk with strangers.  Here there really is no stranger for a priest who wears his cassock.

photoWhen visiting the hospital of the poor, (Buen Samaritano, Malinalco, The State of Mexico), having a priest visit them gives them all joy.  No matter how sick they are or out of their minds, they still recognize a priest and ask for a blessing.
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photoAs we were visiting, I heard the Holy Rosary being prayed.  So I went and joined them.  Everyday at 4 pm a lay man leads them in the Holy Rosary.  I know that God and Our Lady hears their humble prayers.  Some of them are confused and can hardly hear, but they still know how to pray the Holy Rosary.

photoToday I went to hear an old man’s confession who lives in an other town.  Thank God I have a junky old car to take his relatives with me.   He is very sick and most likely going to die.  For the first time in his life, because he knows he is most likely to die, he confessed extremely serious sins that he had omitted before in confession.

photoEach one of us should never, out of shame, withhold grave sins in confession.  It is one thing to offend others.  But the gravest sin is to offend God.  When we receive Jesus in Holy Communion in mortal sin, we are offending Him and committing a sacrilege.  We subject Him to our polluted souls.  When we confess, and withhold mortal sins, we are committing sacrilege.  Any time we receive a Holy Sacrament in mortal sin, (Holy Communion, Confirmation, Holy Matrimony, Holy Orders), we are committing a sacrilege.

photoSo it is important to not offend others, but way more serious to Offend Our Loving God.  That also needs to be understood and confessed.  All the times we have committed sacrileges when receiving a Holy Sacrament in the state of mortal sin.
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photoLet us have the courage to confess all these sins before it is too late.  As I have said before, the devil helps us sin with no shame, but as soon as we are going to confess, he brings all the shame up so that we are embarrassed to confess these serious sins.

God is very merciful if we are truly sorry and willing to sin no more.  Absolutely no one wants to be offended.  So why should we offend God and