People Should Not Say The Altar Boy’s Part At Low Latin Mass

As a priest who has been offering the Holy Latin Mass for 7 years now, I am absolutely against the “Dialogue Latin Mass” for the Low Latin Mass.

traditional-mass14Again, because of the false understanding of the idea of “Active Participation” of the laity, we do not need to be answering out loud to be praying.  Active Participation is an interior participation of placing our hearts, minds and bodies at the disposition of adoring God.  This does not need to be vocal.

In the Missa Cantata or High Mass, the choir sings the introit, the graduale, the antiphons,  and some of the responses.  This is different, because it is sung in harmony with the loftiness of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
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 If people want to sing along with the choir and are not making a show of themselves, then this is fine.

Ask any priest who really loves God and does not want to be a show off, which Holy Mass is better, dialogue or silent Mass.  I would assume that the silent Latin Mass, with only the Altar Boy answering, would be the answer.
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For me, having done both the Dialogue Mass and the Silent Low Mass, it is by far more contemplative having the silent low mass.  The Dialogue Mass is jarring with all the people shouting our the latin responses.

EF PADRE PIO III spent years going on retreats at the Camaldolese Hermitage in Big Sur California.   There is where I learned the value of silent contemplative prayer.

I beg all of you to study what is true prayer.  The highest form of prayer is silent interior contemplative prayer.  Exterior and active prayer is good, but it is for Catholics who are just beginning on their spiritual journey.

Yes, everyone who comes from the Novus Ordo Active show mass, love being able to respond and be heard by everyone.  Humans love to be the center of the show, including the Holy Mass.  They enjoy being able to respond and being noticed.  But that is not what prayer is all about.  Jesus said, “When you pray, go in your closet and pray, where your Heavenly Father will see you and reward you.”  I do not see talking out loud at Latin Mass as going into the closet to pray.

I only want to please God.   And I hope each one of us Catholics, only wants to please God.  So the question then to ask is: which Latin Mass pleases God more.  Not which Latin Mass pleases me more.  I strongly say that the quiet Low Latin Mass pleases God more because it is more contemplative and less of a show.  We pray from our hearts, not our lips.

christianslionsI am tired of taking poles to see what pleases the priest or the people.   Could we, for once, take a pole to see what pleases God more.   I am tired of all the attention constantly given to pleasing people in the Catholic Church.  Once and for all, let us only please God.