The Most Powerful Prayer For Help Is The Traditional Catholic Mass, The Sacrificial Prayer Of Jesus To God

Often you will see in the back of Catholic churches photocopied Novenas to St. Jude.  This Novena states that, in order to receive what you need from God, through the intercession of St. Jude, you need to drop off 9 copies of the Novena at 9 different churches for 9 days.  St. Jude is known as the saint for impossible cases.
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 So, desperate people, are happy to go to this big effort to get help because they need it badly.

Simon and Jude_I don't knowBut, at the same time, most Catholics do not like the Holy Latin Mass, simply because they cannot see or hear the priest when he is praying for them through Jesus Christ.

ord cardTo understand why the Holy Latin Mass is so important, we need to re-visit and investigate why we Catholics go to the Holy Mass?

1) Because Jesus told us to “Do this in memory of Me”.  Every time the Jews celebrate the Passover meal, they are reliving, in memory, the sacrifice of the lamb that saved and redeemed their first born and to relive their liberation out of slavery from the Egyptians.  In the same way, every time that the Holy Mass is offered, the sacrifice of Jesus (Lamb of God) on the Cross is relived in memory of our redemption and liberation from slavery of the devil, sin and death.

2) To re-offer the sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary to the Father, through the Holy Spirit, for the forgiveness of our sins and for the graces to sin no more.  Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, once and for all, brought about the forgiveness of repented sins and an infinite outpouring of God’s graces.  We continue to sin, so the priest, in Persona Christi, needs to continue to make present, through Jesus, the forgiveness of our sins that we continue to make and the get the graces from Jesus to sin no more.

holysouls3) To offer prayers of praise to the Father through His Son Jesus Christ.  At every Holy Mass we praise God “from whom all blessing flow”.

4) To get our petitions and prayers answered.  Holy Mass is the most powerful prayer anyone can make, because it is the perfect sacrificial prayer of Jesus, for us, to His and our Father.  The Father can not deny His Son, Jesus, anything.  So He answers this all powerful sacrificial prayer for us, because it is Jesus, through the priest, who intercedes for us at every Holy Mass.  The perfect and pleasing sacrifices of Abel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses, brought great rewards and blessing down from God.   So, imagine how much more Jesus’ sacrifice, offered through the priest, is going to be effective in bring rewards and blessings down from God for us.  This is also because it is the perfect sacrifice “that is pleasing and acceptable to God”.

5) Thanksgiving.  Because we are continuously receiving spiritual and material things from God, the Holy Mass is a means of offering gratitude through sacrificial prayer to the Father for us.  Eucharist means thanksgiving.

Why I am explaining this?  It is to explain that we are all selfish and want help, rewards and blessings from God.  That being a given, people, who are in so much need, need to trust that God will give them what they want and need.  The help that people so desperately need, will be given to them at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass when the priest, alone, in silence and back to them, is re-offering for them the perfect sacrificial prayer of Jesus on Calvary to obtain what they need.
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holy-sacrifice-of-the-mass-freeing-souls-from-purgatoryOver and over, all day long, people ask me to pray for them.  Why do they ask a priest to pray for them, if they can pray for themselves?  Because, as St. Joseph Cafasso clearly stated, the prayers of a priest are way more effective than that of an average Catholic layman.  He explains it like this; “The king will surely grant the petition of his prime minister, over any other person.”   Priests are the intimate coworkers with Jesus in His Kingdom.

Do you really want your petitions and prayers answered?  Then learn from Moses, who’s prayers were effective for the people of Israel, when he went up onto the mountain alone or hidden in the tent, to pray.   Learn from Jesus, who also went alone to pray to His Father; “As He was accustomed to do”.   We too, should be happy to have the priest offering the most powerful prayer to the Father, through Jesus Christ, on the altar at every holy sacrifice of the Mass.

DSC_0147In the Holy Latin Mass, the priest offers the sacrifice to God, facing God, talking to God in a sacred language reserved only for God (Latin) and in a low voice so that God alone hear his prayer and grant it.

So the next time you can not hear the priest or see the priest, remember he is up on the mountain of Calvary, offering the most perfect sacrifice of Jesus on the cross that will bring you many blessings and answers to your prayers.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and know that we receive forgiveness, graces and blessings at every Holy Latin Mass.