Traditional Catholics, In-Joy Every Second

Let us look at our life today and enjoy it every second at a time.

God hath given to a man that is good in his sight, wisdom, and knowledge, and joy: but to the sinner he hath given vexation, and superfluous care, to heap up and to gather together, and to give it to him that hath pleased God: but this also is vanity, and a fruitless solicitude of the mind.” Ecclesiastes 2: 36

faceLife is nothing more than Time.  I absolutely have an end of my life set in stone and written in God’s mind.  I do not know when that time is, but I do know that it is final.

Meanwhile, I am still alive, and have free choice in how I will live my life today.  For this reason I will not let anyone, my family, my superior, my friends, my neighbors, my boss, my enemies, my co-workers, my health, my possessions, my body, my mind, my mood, my finances, my past, my sins, take away the joy and freedom of this second of life I truly have right now.

I only have this very second.  I only have today.  My heart could stop beating right now.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^——————-.

Cat-No-309-The-Emperor-Shortly-After-Death-PhotographIn order to live today a holy, healthy happy life, I need to remind myself about who God is and what my relationship is with Him.  I have already, and again today, I give my whole self to God, to love, obey and serve Him here in this world and forever.

Who is this God that I am giving myself completely to today?  Our God is All Powerful.  This God in whom we believe created this entire universe.  The power of the sun is infinitesimally small compared to the greatness of all the power contained in this universe.  And this Omnipotent God is our best friend.   He is on our side and He loves us with an endless love.

But, today I need to build up and grow in FAITH in our all powerful God.  It is not easy to have faith in our unseen God.  We are traditional Catholics because we I do believe and are working on having more blind faith in our God of whom we want to serve and love and suffer for.

While enjoying the only life that we really have, this second, we also want to have an attitude of gratitude for all the wonderful people and things we are blessed with.  We want to reflect on these things so that we will be happier in this second we have to live.

We are thankful for the gift of our traditional Catholic faith that has miraculously been put into our soul and of which we want to protect it from the devil and others taking it away.  We are thankful for having the all powerful God to turn to in an evil world and in the multiple trials we are or may have to go through.

stethelburga300We are thankful for our family and friends, especially those who are good Catholics and obey God’s laws of love.  We are so thankful for the world of nature that surrounds us and gives us food, water, animals and flowers.  We are so thankful for freedom to practice and talk about our Catholic faith right now, in spite of the persecution we receive from the Church, family, friends and the government.

We are thankful for our vocations as priests, religious, fathers and mothers.  We are thankful for meaningful work.  In this only second we have, we will also try to be working in something that we enjoy and find fulfilling.  If not we need to find another job.

We will not waste this only precious second we have by watching TV, Secular Movies, Useless FaceBook, video games, Intendo, talking too much, and laziness.  Today we will continue to learn and grow.

windowwwWe will not destroy this moment with sin, that will destroy our soul and future.  Instead we will use it to praise God, to serve God and to love God.

We will enjoy every second loving, listening, talking and being with those we love.  We will also use it serving others, especially the lonely, sick and poor.

“What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who is against us.” Romans 8: 31