Acts Of Kindness Versus Acts of Killing

We went and prayed the Holy Rosary at the Family Planning Association where they murder babies. IMG_0354 It was extremely hot and our knees were burning as we knelt to pray.  It got so bad that I had to wad up my cassock and kneel on it to stop the burning.  I just could not stand it.  And then, very, very few people worry about burning for ever in hell.  So many dismiss any fear of eternal suffering a billion times worse than what I experience for a few minutes today by simply wishing hell away.IMG_0051

After the Holy Rosary, we began walking to the cars, when a well dressed professional man walk by and greeted me with such sincere words.  He looked me directly in the eyes and wished me all the best.  I shook his hand and introduced myself.  I still can not believe this total stranger initiating the whole conversation with such sincerity.

After him, an other man came up to me asking for money.  I do not believe in giving money to anyone, food yes.  He said he was hungry.  I should have taken him to restaurant and bought him some food.  I really regret that now.  But I did listen to him and asked his name (Patrick) and prayed with him to get a job and the life he needed to be happy.
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 I showed real concern and attention to him.

As I proceeded to walk,  a young man dressed in a medical smock greeted me with a very kind, “good afternoon father”.  It was just unbelievable that just after writing my blog on taking time to be kind to people, that I would meet these total strangers and receive such kind greetings.  It does make a difference being in a traditional Catholic priest’s cassock.

planedmurderLast night I went to visit a young man (Michael) who had an diving accident and is totally paralyzed from the neck down.  As I was leaving and we were going to pray; I asked him if there was anything he wanted me to pray for.  He said for his brother whose girlfriend left him with his child.  He also said she was pregnant and was going to abort (murder) her child (his nephew).  Many Many children are murdered just because a woman gets mad and to get back at the now ex-boyfriend, they kill his child.
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If his brother had been holy and found a holy woman and had waited for the holy  sacrament of Matrimony before having relations, it would be very unlikely that this child would be murdered.  A holy couple, with the grace of God, have problems, but they do not take revenge on the other by murdering an innocent child.

tumblr_mw8gtq1BLp1r6mdnjo1_500Many children are murdered by men pushing their girlfriends to kill their children because they want the sex without the children.

Let us pray that the mother of that child does not kill that wonderful child in her womb.  And let us also continue to pray, work and act to save the most vulnerable children being murdered in mother’s wombs.  Social justice starts in people in the womb.