Continue To Slow Down And Enjoy God’s Love And Creation

“Our Help In In The Name Of The Lord, Who Made Heaven And Earth”.

“Adjutorium Nostrum In Nomine Domini; Qui Fecit Cealum et Tertam.” Psalm 123: 8.

Last Judgment_detail_WEYDEN, Rogier van derFor all of you wonderful traditional Catholics that are trying so hard to please your Lord Jesus Christ and feeling crushed by the world and the Church, NEVER FORGET that our help is in the Name of the Lord.  He is all powerful.  Give Him you pains, worries and scares to heal.  He will.  And He will reward you for all your FAITHFUL service to Him.

As I have stated before, I am seriously trying to stay in the slow lane.  If you do, you will notice in what a rush people are.  They live as if every second counts to get from point A to point B.

Every second does count.  And that is why we need to spend it relaxed and aware of God’s love and beauty all around us.  We need to be reminded because we can so easily be caught up in the whirl wind of life around us.  As you have notices, whirl winds end up going around in circles.

The other important thing to practice is living for God and not to please other people.  It is absolutely impossible to please people.  It is very easy to please God.

1003467_214236178732103_2016503656_nThese people who try to control us with their anger and criticisms will absolutely not be there when we die and are judged.  Only God will be there.  He will not allow any form of excuses.  “I did this because people would get mad and reject me if I didn’t do what they wanted me to do.”  “I know You did not like that, but so that they would not crucify me, I compromised and kept silent.”  “I was worn out and gave up”.

E063_TormentsOur whole eternity depends on loving and pleasing God by obey His commandments.  Popularity does not equal or make up truth.  Even if everyone in the whole world loved what we said and did, that has absolutely nothing to do with if it is what God loves and approves of.  It has absolutely nothing to do with TRUTH.

So as we live each day we want to pray and ask ourselves if what we are doing with our lives is what pleases God.  We want to be on the constant look out to see if in anyway we are doing things to please people or to avoid their persecution.

Every moment is a gift from God to enjoy with Him and other good people.  Do not allow the mean people to rob you of your life.  Every second you give in to their meanness and worry about it, then you are literally giving them your lives to destroy and make un happy.  Let them be unhappy by themselves.

As you know, when you are a person of prayer, sexual purity, kindness and truth, you are a very happy person.  We need to be on guard against bad people robbing us of this precious gift from God of joy and interior peace.  These are precious gifts that we carefully guard against the devil, and his people, who want to rob us of them.

Easter LilyIf we slow down and try to be in the presence of God, we will also begin to notice the great beauty that is surrounding us in His beautiful creation.  Slow down and look up.  Slow down and look down.  Slow down and look around.  You will be amazed at the beauty God has put right in front of you exactly where you are.

When we slow down we also begin to take time to appreciate the good people around us too.  Take the time to look them in the eyes and mean what we say.  Take time to really listen to how their day is going.  Take time to pray for what ever trouble they are going through right now.  Take time to encourage them and tell them about Our Great God.
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IMG_0167When we truly take time with people, we begin to love them and receive their love in return.  In spite of all the bad, mixed up and messed up people, there are still others who are truly kind and unselfish.  And even those who are living in sin and mess up, they also have good in them that we need to recognize and love.

Just a simple smile.  Just as simple question on how they are and really meaning it.  Just a simple, “May God Bless You”.  Just a simple thank you when you mean it.  You may never know what effect that kind deed had on the person you did it to.  But you do it anyway.