A Day In The Life Of A Traditional Catholic Priest

May 24th, Feast Day of Maria Auxilium Christianorum, is my ordination anniversary (17th).  So I thought it would be good to describe that day in the life of a traditional Catholic priest. Mary_Help_of_Christians5:15 am.  Got up and showered.  Walked over to church.  Opened it up.  Prayed before the statue of Mary Help of Christians.  Prostrated before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.  Set up for the Holy Latin Mass.  Prayed the Latin Breviary and quiet prayer. IMG_05088:00 am.  Offered the Holy Latin Mass.  Listen to people after Mass. 9:15 am.  Had a light breakfast.

9:30 am.  Gave a talk to parents who have their children in Catechism.  Visited all the class rooms of young adults and children, talking with them and answering questions.

11:30 am.  Blessed scapulars and invested people with them.  Exorcized and blessed St. Benedict medals.  Blessed Holy Rosaries, medals and pictures.  I had just finished the St. Benedict’s medal blessings when more people asked for it again.  It takes a long time to bless according to the latin blessings and exorcisms.

12:30 pm.   Heard some peoples confessions who asked for it.

12:45 pm.  Prayed the Breviary while waiting to go to a care home.

1:00 pm.  Drove with a lady to hear the confessions of old people in a care home.  Prayed some of the Breviary on the way.
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 It was difficult helping them do good confessions because they do not hear well and have forgotten many of their sins.  So I really try hard to do the best confession possible.  Said some of the Holy Rosary on way back. Death_Skull_CHAMPAIGNE, Philippe de2:00 pm.  A memorial service in a home for a woman who had died.  I had given her traditional Extreme Unction.  The family are mostly fallen away Catholics.  I just read the Gospels about the sower of the seed and the talents and tried to share some Catholic truth with them.

3:00 pm.  Congratulated a couple I helped prepare for marriage who had just had the Latin Nuptial Mass.  Prayed the Breviary and part of the Holy Rosary.

confession3:30 – 5:30 pm.  Confessions.  I really try hard to help people realize that confession is for; 1) Being sorry for having sinned, and 2) Having a firm resolution to sin no more.  One youth had never gone to confession in his life.  Another not for 5 years.  Anyone over a year, I do an examination of conscience.
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 Walking out of church, I ran into a woman whose daughter ran off with her grandchildren in a stole car, encouraged and prayed with her.  Another man tells me about his serious marriage problems.

6:00 pm.  Holy Hour of Reparation to the Sacred Heart in gratitude for my priesthood with many many people in attendance.photo7:30 pm.  Happy pot luck for my anniversary, twins birthday and one of the youth’s directors birthday.

photoLots of great food and friendshipphotoTwins 5th Birthday, Julio’s 33rd.photoPiñata photoTraditional Catholic Priest’s Anniversary Cake

photo9:45 pm.  Compline in the chapel. 10:30 pm.  Shower and to bed.