The Indissolubility Of Marriage, The Foundation Of Any Healthy Society

One thing Rad-Trads, traditionalist, modernist, progressives, liberals, ordinary, orthodox and neo-cats have in common is that they all have a mother and a father.  It is absolutely impossible for any child to be born with out the sperm of a father and the egg of a mother.

madonna-and-child-marianne-stokes-1908-2No matter how many people have been formed in a petri dish and then artificially inserted into the womb, there still was a man and a woman involved in the process.  You can always trace a child’s genes from a specific father and a specific mother.

Father + Mother = Child  Father + Father does not = child.  Mother + Mother does not = child.   It is basic biological science.  For this reason, every child wishes to have their real father and real mother together.  They look like their real parents.  They act like their real parents.  They are like their real parents, period.

For this reason Marriage is till death, no matter what anyone says or thinks.  The proof is in the wedding vows.

Archuke Imre and Archduchess Kathleen | Spiering PhotographyI, ___________, take thee, ________ for my lawful wife/husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” 

So God, who made us, has such a wonderful plan to protect the wife and children.  That plan is the life long Holy Sacrament of Marriage.  He created us with the ability to love and produce children.  His plan is for a virgin man and a virgin woman, after the marriage vows are said before a priest, for their very first time, to have relations to have children.

When a Sacramentally married couple are having relations, the man gives the sperm, the woman the egg and God the soul.  It take three to produce the greatest creation, a child.

So as marriage disappears, (most couples are just living together for as long a they get along), society becomes weak because the family unit is divided by separation or divorce.  The children are destroyed by the breaking up of their parents.  They loose the security of having their mothers and fathers being together for life.  All sorts on new people are introduced into their lives, who come and go.  Some of these newcomers do violent things, sexual things, and immoral things, that hurt the children.  They in turn, are hurt and then act out their hurt by drug, alcohol and sexual abuse.  And our society is messed up. LeghornItalyGod created the extended family.  How beautiful is a house filled with grandparents, father, mother, uncle, aunts, children and cousins.  This is true happiness.  The happiness of a big family living together in love.  This is possible when everyone in the family is trying to live by God’s laws and praying together.

Who is behind divorce, living together, adultery, and child custody lawsuits?  It is the devil.  He is the cause of division in marriage, families and society. Where there is the Holy Spirit, there is unity and love.  Where there is the evil spirit, there is division, fighting, lawsuits and hatred.  So to have a united family, the father and mother and the children, pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit.  The more each member of the family tries to be holy, the more love and unity the family has.

We know that there is no perfect grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, uncle, aunt, child and cousin.  So there will alway be problems in the marriage and the family.  But in no way does that mean we give up and divorce. marbap2Graph from CARA research.  (The graph does have the factor of using birth control and the massive killing of babies in the womb, but it does not point out the Vat. II factor).

How many divorces and remarriages end up in unhappiness and divorce again?  How much drama is their around every divorce?  How much hatred and fighting are the results of divorce?  How much do the lawyers and child support cost?  How much emotional damage is inflicted on the husband, wife and children?

Society is breaking down.  Let us face that reality.  Ask any police officer.  Go to any jail.  Go to court and sit in on hearings.  Look at the amount of substance abuse.  Look at the growth in gangs from boys looking for a place to belong.  And yet we ignore the cause, break down in the family.

I firmly believe that a huge part of the break down in the family, is the mother working.  The father and children do not have the loving presence of a mother in the home.  They go out into the streets or on FaceBook, looking for family and love.   They try to fill their emptiness with drugs and sex, yet are left unfulfilled.  The mother is the sun of the house.  When she is absent it is dark and cold. Holy Family_SCHEDONI, BartolomeoThe other great contributor to the breakdown is unholy men.  Men not willing to submit to and obey God  They do not want to pray and protect spiritually and physically their family.  They work too much or are lazy.  They love drinking beers with the other guys.  They look at pornography and are full of lust that leads to adultery.  They waste their lives worrying about their sports team, whether it won or lost, while their own families are being lost.  They do not want to take the time to go to Holy Mass and pray, so they end up paying child support.

The answer is easy; getting back to the simple way of God.

1) Families that love God, starting with the father and the mother.  The family that prays together, stays together.

2) Getting back to the biological reality that the only reason for sex is to have children.  There is no greater gift from God than a child.  You who are reading this, are that great gift from God that came through your parents. waste-of-womanKnowing God through a life of prayer and study of the Holy Bible, will lead us back to love and unity in our homes.  That will take sacrificial love, not selfish love.  But the rewards of a loving family and a clean consciences is all well worth it.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to work on holy, loving and happy families with lots of children.  Let us be humble and see in what way I am causing my family to fall away from God and break up.  Then, let us look at how we can help our family to be holy and happy.