The Sheriff, Animals, And Killing Inocent Babies In The Womb

When I was trying to find out what was need to get into jail to hear an inmates confession I had to listen to a recording.  On that recording it talked about crimes against animals.  It said that people are convicted of felonies for abuse of dogs, cats, pigs, horses and turtles.  It also talked about the crime of beastiality that is on the increase because of the internet.

I am absolutely not in favor of any animal abuse.  Animals are a wonderful gift from God.  But we also eat them all the time; chickens, cows, fish and pigs.  Is that going to be a crime soon.

LIFE-GENDERBut what bothered me greatly was that animal rights are way more protected than human rights.  Absolutely no one is convicted for the crime of murdering the unborn baby.
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 In fact they are seen as heroes.
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 Who has more value, a turtle or a baby??

Animal rights protectors are investigating the euthanizing of a Giraffe after if collapsed.  WTEV 47 News

A zoo in Jacksonville Florida is under investigation for euthanizing an Giraffe.  Zoo staff euthanized Zawadi, a 19-year-old giraffe who collapsed Monday afternoon. The zoo is also mourning Darasa, a 15-year-old zebra who died Saturday. Both animals gave birth in recent months.”

“We are currently looking into the deaths that occurred there recently,” said Tanya Espinosa, a U.S. Department of Agriculture spokesperson. The Agriculture Department is responsible for licensing all of the nation’s zoos.”

“We are looking into the deaths to determine whether there were any Animal Welfare Act non-compliances that contributed to their deaths, this is standard practice. However, there is no open investigation,” added Espinosa on Wednesday.  “Losing an animal is always difficult for our staff especially after the team worked so hard and so long to save Zawadi,” Maloney said. “We take some comfort from the fact that her passing was peaceful, and her caregiver were there with her to cradle and stroke her head during her transition.”

IMG_8154May we continue to care for animals.  But we need to work, way more, for the protection of human life from it’s very beginning all to the way to the final breath taken at natural death.  You get in trouble for euthanizing a giraffe, but in Holland and some of the states of the US you can euthanize people without any legal consequences.  Animals are beginning to have more rights than humans.