The Value Of Mary’s Prayers In A Convalescent Hospital

Mary lives in a room with another woman at a convalescent hospital.  Mary has great love of God and Our Lady.
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 Her active life is over as she spends most of her day in bed.  But this woman still has a great mission; to pray for the conversion of the world.  She prays the Holy Rosary every evening.
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IMG_8707Most people think that they need to do great things like be missionaries or helping the poor.  Mary can only pray.  We can do a great deal of things, as God wants us to, for His Kingdom. We can blog.  We can visit people and discuss our faith.  We can help in our parish.  We can help the poor.  We can go and save lives at the abortion mills.  All this is wonderful.  But if we do not pray, we will not accomplish very much.

1486580_304206429735077_1022110645514847582_nSo Mary is a great reminder that even if we were to be in a convalescent hospital or homebound, we still can do greatest thing for God, pray for the salvation of souls.