Gift Of A Traditional Traveling Catholic Mass Altar

Being a traditional Catholic is very difficult, as you all know.  It is especially difficult when you try to live your traditional faith everyday.  And you can imagine how much more difficult it is for us priests.  Thank you to all of you priests and laity, who suffer day after day for your Catholic faith.  God will reward you for all eternity.

But there are great signs from God and Our Lady to help us go on suffering for the Holy Catholic Faith and to save souls from hell.
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 A while ago, Rich Murphy contacted me about making one of his portable altars for me for free.  It arrived today.  It was one of those great acts of kindness that encourage us to go on another day serving Jesus Christ our King.

photoHe even personalized it for me.photoIt even has a protective plastic case to keep it safe on airplane trips.photoWhat is so important about it is that it has an Altar Stone with a relic of a martyr.

I purchased a Altar Stone, but it was too large, so he traded it with me for a small one he had, so that it would fit nicely.photoHere is what it looks like ready for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.photoThis is my very dependable suitcase I have been traveling with all over the world.

So if anyone would like to have Rick Murphey make one for one of your priests, you can contact him.  I am not sure how much they cost.  I do know that he has to put a great deal of hours into each one.

Rick Murphey   St. Joseph’s Apprentice   17310 W. Left Fork Rd. Hauser, ID  83854


Let us keep on loving and helping each other.  But above all things, let us pray for each other.
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 It is so wonderful to be a traditional Catholic.