Traditional Catholic Clothing Brings Joy To Others

I have said this before, but I am always amazed at how people always smile when I smile at them or wave when I walk from the Church to the Rectory on Central Ave.  The reason is that I am in the cassock and wearing the Cappello Romano.  Such a simple thing, and yet it brings joy to strangers.

Lourdes 11As I was walking to hear confessions this afternoon, a tall black man was also walking in that direction.  We have drug dealers around, so I am cautious.  But I decided to say hello to him and then on a second thought, tell him God bless him.  He responded that it was too hot out.  He asked me if this is where I pray.  I noticed that he had an accent, so I asked him where he came from.  He said Sudan.  I then asked him if he was a muslim.  He said no, he was christian and Catholic.  I told him he was invited anytime to go to the big church where I was heading.

For me this was a God incident because, I was afraid to talk to him because he could be a drug dealer.
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 But because I overcame my fears and was kind, I found out that he was a kind person too.
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