God Tells St. Bridget That The Devil Uses Lust As Lure

In His revelation to St. Bridget, God described how the devil uses   lust to get us to be his slave.  He then works from there to destroy us and those around us.  Book 1, Chapter 13

wpid-photo-20140510195727My enemy has three demons within him. The first resides in his       genitals, the second in his heart, the third in his mouth. The first is like a seaman, who lets water in through the keel, and the water, by increasing gradually, fills up the ship. There is a flood of water then, and the ship sinks. This ship stands for his body that is     assailed by the temptations of demons and by his own lusts as though by storms. Lust entered first through the keel, that is, through the delight he took in bad thoughts. Since he did not resist through     penance or fill the holes with the nails of abstinence, the water of lust grew day by day through his consenting. The ship being then     replete or filled with the concupiscence of the belly, the water     flooded and engulfed the ship in lust so that he was unable to reach the port of salvation. 
The second demon, residing in his heart, is like a worm lying in an 
apple that first eats the apple's core, and then, after leaving its  excrements there, roams around inside the apple until the whole apple is ruined. This is what the devil does. First he spoils a person's 
will and good desires, which are like the core where all the mind's 
strength and goodness are found, and, once the heart has been emptied of these goods, then he puts in their place in the heart the worldly thoughts and affections that the person had loved more. He then     impels the body itself toward his pleasure and, for this reason, the man's courage and understanding diminish and his life becomes tedious. He is indeed an apple without a core, that is, a man without a     heart, since he enters my church without a heart, because he has no 
The third demon is like an archer who, looking around through the    windows, shoots the unwary. How can the devil not be in a man who is always including him in his conversation? That which is loved more is more frequently mentioned. The harsh words by which he wounds others are like arrows shot through as many windows as the number of times he mentions the devil or as many times as his words wound innocent   people and scandalize simple folk. I who am the truth swear by my    truth that I shall condemn him like a whore to fire and brimstone,   like an insidious traitor to the mutilation of his limbs, like a scoffer of the Lord to perpetual shame. However, as long as his soul and body are still united, my mercy is open to him. What I require of him is to attend the divine services more frequently, not to be afraid  of any reproach or desire any honor and never to have that sinister  name on his lips again.