Traditional Catholic Faith And Living Life In The Slow Lane

People drive so fast.  Before you know it, someone is right on your rear bumper, pushing you to speed up.  Today I stayed in the slow lane even when I was behind a slow truck.  It felt so much better than rushing to keep up with all the rushers.

IMG_9148Often I have thought: Where is everyone rushing too?  And the answer is Hell.  They rush so much, that they do not have time for God, church, family and charity.  And before they even notice, they are in the hospital dying.

Someone gave me this saying.

Do We take time in our life to appreciate and recognize what is beautiful, noble and sacred?  Or, has our life become the cruel and vicious game of wanting stuff, buying stuff, needing stuff, using stuff.  Then comes repairing stuff, replacing stuff and protecting stuff.”

Cat-No-309-The-Emperor-Shortly-After-Death-PhotographDear Lord, help us to slow down and look at our short life through Your eyes.  May we love and appreciate Your presence and those around us today.  May we take time to talk to you and listen to you. Help us to also listen and talk with our family and friends.

Give us the grace necessary to make the changes we need to make while we still have time (life).  Give us the strength to overcome all our fears that keep us enslaved to bad employment, mortgage payments and social media.  Help free us from this “dog eat dog” and “cut throat” world.
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 Give us so much faith, that we can do anything with you at our side.  Help us to live all the dreams you have put into our hearts and minds, starting today.

“The life of a true Christian should be such that he fears neither death nor any event of his life, but endures and submits to all things with a good heart”

~St. Teresa of Jesus