Type Of “Death Panel” At Phoenix Veterans Medical Center?

My dad called me to see if I could do something to comfort the families of the 40 veterans who had died waiting for medical care at Phoenix Veterans Medical Center.  I found this good article on Disabled Veterans.org that brings up the question if the center purposely postponed the medical care because these patients were old and advanced in their medical illness.  They had to wait 6 to 21 months to get medical care.

He brings up the idea of Nazi death panels that decide who lived and who died.  The veterans were said to be on a waiting list, but that list was never acted on.  They would delete their paperwork after the person had left.  There was something called “a secret VA list”.

560x495xVA-Death-Panel.jpg.speedilic.ic.i42NEqfNc6We have heard that Obamacare would be selective about medical services to people over 65.  Geriatric medical care is costly.  But young people do not need as much medical care as older people do because usually their bodies are healthier.  Older people need it.  They have paid taxes all their lives and deserve to receive medical care.

IMG_9962Old and disabled people being cared for free and with love by Catholic Nuns in Mexico.

What is good news is that this was even on the news.
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 As soon as you can take the life of a baby in the beginning of its life, than the slippery slope takes to you take anyones life you so deem “unwanted”.  These 50 veterans were not murdered like the babies, but not giving them normal medical led to their premature deaths.

Maybe some of these veterans were pro aborting babies??
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 If we do not respect life at the instant of conception, we will not respect it when it is costly to maintain at old age.

God help us to respect Life.  Mary, Mother of Life, pray for us.