Traditional Catholic Mothers Are Like Mother Mary

Let us pray for all traditional Catholic mothers.  They have come to know that the greatest gift that God can give, is a human being.   For this reason traditional Catholic mothers have many children and see them as blessings.   They want children in spite of the sacrifice it will take to carry them for 9 months, to give them birth, to feed them, to clean them, care for them and to care for their souls.  You mothers not only care about their bodies, but even more so care about their eternal soul. media-608870-2Many of you mothers suffer greatly, trying to go against the world that is all about instantaneous pleasure.  You care about what last forever.  Even your own children, that you bore, nursed and cared for, may some day hate you for teaching them God’s ways and not the world’s way.  But be a holy mother anyway.  Most likely, when they mature, they will come back and thank you.

Scan 110430010The holy vocation of motherhood is not one of glory.   Much of your sacrificial maternal life is hidden.   But, as Jesus said; you will be rewarded by your Heavenly Father who see what is hidden and rewards.
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The devil’s great lie to women today is, that they will be fulfilled by a worldly career making a lot of money in the dog eat dog world of employment.  They forego having many children for a lie.  And when they finally realize, it is too late.  The only truly fulfilling career is giving birth, holding, guiding and being loved by your children.

On this Mother’s Day here are some resolutions to help you become a better mother.

1) Pray the Holy Rosary.  Pray for the souls of your children and the grace to be a good mother.  Meditating on Mary’s life in the Holy Mysteries of the Holy Rosary will inspire you to imitate her.

2) Be loving.  Ask God in your prayers that you can love your children, especially when you do not feel like loving them.

3) Be strict.  Do not spoil your children.  That makes them rotten and your job miserable.  Be fair in your discipline.

4) Affirm the goodness in you children.  Never say bad or mean words to your children.

5) Only live for the important things in life.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Life will go on.

6) Be disciplined yourself.  Children imitate their parents.  So if you live a disciplined life, everything runs more smoothly and you end up, in the long run, with way less stress.

7) Teach your children to help you.  Each child is a gift from God and a helper from God.  To teach them to help takes time and patience, but once they learn they help all their life.
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8) Stay humble.  If you have made a mistake, be quick to admit it.  Children know right off when something is wrong or unfair.  They will respect you when you are humble and honest.

9) Get to know every child as a unique person.  Spend individual time with them.  Help them develop as the unique person God made them to be.

10) Expect your children to be great Catholics, but remember that no one is perfect.