Scientific Evidence: Progressive Modernist Catholics Are Endangered Species

All the powerful progressive hierarchy in the church are OLD and will soon DIE. They will then be forced to leave their worldly power to younger people and be  judged by God.  That is what we mean when we talk about the unavoidable “Biological Solution” (death from old age) or “B.S.” that is coming into effect right now.  Most progressive priests and religious are old.

reformed-altarAlmost all of the young progressives no longer believe in or practice the Catholic faith.  So, only those who continue to practice the Catholic faith are either orthodox or traditional Catholics.  There is no future in modernist, progressive, liberal ideology.

All the powerful masons, bankers, communist, educators, judges and politicians will die some day too.  But God does not change or die.  And all of us who stay faithful to Him, will be with Him for all eternity after this VERY SHORT life.  In the end, God always has His way, whether the powerful people like it or not.  God has the last say at death and on judgement day.

masonic-mass-3God always has His way with absolute scientific certainty.  Progressive, modernist and liberals are so blinded by their ideologies that they do not even see their own demise racing toward them.  They are so full of ego and pride that they cannot see that their ideologies are sterile and self-destructive.  Their belief systems cause implosion.

This is proven by the example of the survey taken to promote pastoral care of divorce people and homosexual couples (that could include them being able to receive Holy Communion).  This survey found out what is “socially acceptable” by catholics today.  From that these findings, progressives want to set the catholic norm for what is right and wrong.  They use “popularity” to determine what catholic beliefs and practices need to change.  They believe that Catholic morals depend on current cultural trends.  So, while still claiming to be “Catholic”, they use these changing social trends go against what the Catholic Church has always condemned as intrinsically evil.

396749_319993431366685_100000680923035_1084214_653485630_nWhat God eternally proclaims as evil is evil and will have evil effects.  

Evil + Evil = Evil.

This is plain scientific mathematics.  We see this clearly in the survey findings that Sandro Magister posted on  Here are some of the survey results.

jpg_1350789.jpg“For example, here are the percentages of persons who in each of the following countries consider abortion morally unacceptable:

Philippines 93 percent
Ghana 92
Indonesia 89
Uganda 88
El Salvador 85
Pakistan 85
Bolivia 83
Kenya 82
Nigeria 80
Brazil 79
Malaysia 79
Tunisia 77
Venezuela 77
Chile 64
Mexico 63
Egypt 62
South Africa 61
India 58
South Korea 58
Argentina 56
Lebanon 56
Greece 54
Palestinian Territories 54
Jordan 53
Senegal 52
Turkey 52
United States 49
Poland 47
Russia 44
Italy 41
China 37
Israel 35
Japan 28
Australia 26
Canada 26
Spain 26
United Kingdom 25
Germany 19
Czech Republic 18
France 14

While these are the percentages of those who consider homosexuality morally unacceptable:

Ghana 98 percent
Egypt 95
Jordan 95
Palestinian Territories 94
Indonesia 93
Uganda 93
Tunisia 92
Kenya 88
Malaysia 88
Nigeria 85
Pakistan 85
Lebanon 80
Turkey 78
Russia 72
El Salvador 70
Senegal 68
India 67
Philippines 65
South Africa 62
China 61
South Korea 57
Bolivia 51
Venezuela 49
Greece 45
Poland 44
Israel 43
Mexico 40
Brazil 39
United States 37
Chile 32
Japan 31
Argentina 27
Italy 19
Australia 18
United Kingdom 17
Canada 15
Czech Republic 14
France 14
Germany 8
Spain 6

As can be noted, the main division in the numbers is between some European countries and Canada on the one hand, and on the other the African countries and those with a predominantly Muslim population.”

This shows clearly that the progressive, modernist, liberal Catholics in Europe, Canada, and USA are blind to scientific mathematics that shows that their evil morals lead to NO FUTURE, NO CHILDREN and NO FUTURE CATHOLICS.  Abortion kills off future generations and homosexuality can produce no children (Biology 101).

God’s laws of love are for our good.  When we break them to be popular, we end up DIMINISHED and heading toward EXTINCTION.  Progressive modernist are scientifically endangered catholics.

Most European Catholics are old and dying off.  Most white American and Canadian Catholics are old and dying off too.  It is because they use birth control or kill their babies in the womb or have sterile homosexual sex.  Let us make this simple scientific fact clear; that No Obedience of God’s Laws = No Future.  If it was not for the Mexican immigrants, the American churches would be empty like European and Canadian ones are now.

Brasil 5We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and believe that God is Love and that His laws are only for our good.  We will be persecuted by the modernist Catholics and the government till they die off by the “Biological Solution”.  But we have a future with God leading us, multiplying us and protecting us.  Traditional Catholics are young, have many children and have many young men in the seminaries.  We have a FUTURE.