Re-enactment of Satanic Black Mass at Harvard University, May 12, 8:30pm

Monday evening, Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club will sponsor the “re-enactment” of a satanic black mass.  It will be an historical and cultural explanation of the satanic ritual.  They will not be using a real Catholic Consecrated Host that is usually used to desecrate Jesus Body and Blood, because it is only the re-enactment of the real satanic sacrifice.

memorial hallWe, here at St. Catherine’s have a Latin Mass already scheduled for the same time, 5:30 pm offered in reparation for this terrible event.  This Holy Latin Mass will be followed by a Holy Hour of Reparation.

Memorial HallPhoto of building where satanic black mass will be held; from CNS

I emailed this to the Harvard Extension Services (

As a Catholic Priest, I love Jesus Christ and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (which is the re-made present of His loving sacrifice for sinners on the cross). The Jews and the Romans crucified Him for speaking the truth.  But He rose again as all of the world knows.  Please do not allow the re-enactment of the satanic black mass.
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 Fr. Peter Carota”

I would ask you to email this department at Harvard with a similar message and that you organize a Holy Mass at the same time (8:30 ECT) and a Holy Hour.

Black-Mass-Poster-HarvardAs most of us know, as true Catholicism dwindles, satanism rises.  So the restoration of the Holy Latin Mass and Catholic Biblical truth is what this spiritually sick world needs so badly.  Thank you to all of you who love Jesus, His Holy Catholic Church, His true Body and Blood and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
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You can also see the horrible satanic red and black (devils colors) Harvard Extension Service web site that is promoting it here.