Progressive Catholics Compassion For Sinners Cause Children To Suffer

In our catechism class, I was talking to the children.  One of them wanted me to listen to what happened to him this week.  He had to sleep in the living room because his grandmother is visiting and using his room  At 3 am in the morning he heard glass breaking above him.  A young man was breaking into his house.  He ran to his grandfather to come and the young man and three others ran away as they put the porch light on.  He went into all the details and told me he is still scared.
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media-601821-2If we can have compassion for homosexual to have sex, for couples to divorce and remarry, then why not have compassion for those who are poor and need to break into houses.  If we can use compassion to justify breaking one of the God’s commandments, why not use compassion for breaking all the other commandments. This boy is not only suffering from the sin of “Thou Shalt Not Steal”, but also from “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery”.  He went on to tell me that his grandfather told him the man he thought was his real father, was not.  He said; “When I heard this, it was like being hit in the head with a baseball bat.
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 I just took off and cried for a very long time all by myself.   I am still very sad”. photoThen he told me about his fear of being kidnapped.  He had seen it on the news and when ever he is without an adult, he and his friends carry sticks and stones to protect themselves from someone who may try to kidnap them. Sin causes great pain to children and the hierarchy in the Church is not listening to them.  They are just listening to the adults who want to have sex and marry, divorce and remarry without taking into consideration all the extreme pain that the children go through.

The bleeding heart liberals alway say they are so worried about the oppressed and suffering, but I have yet to hear one word about the children victims of being conceived outside marriage and not having the stability of one father and one mother together for life.  Often they are subjected to parents dating and bringing strangers in their house, various step parents and step bothers and sisters and even being abuse sexually by the stepdad.