Dump The Social Networking And Be Real Catholics Again

I use social network when I am blogging.  I realize this.  And I know that we traditional Catholics are doing a great deal of good sharing our faith out in cyber space and the world via the internet.  But I am also aware of my own waste of time finding out about things that I can only pray about and cry about, because I am powerless to do anything about it.

Cristo_crocifissoI read an article about how China is upset how internet is corrupting communism, especially by bring religion into their country.  So thanks to social communications we are having a slight effect on the world and on our Church.

As all of you reading this well know, we traditional Catholics have very very small support in the power of the Church.  We have been silenced, persecuted and locked out of any participation in the Church hierarchy.  So we are very thankful to God for the freedom (so far) to speak the Catholic truth via social networking.  It allows us to lift up our oppressed voices where progressive modernist have all the power.

PearsBut that being said, we still need to be very careful of our use of social networking and the internet.  It can and does consume a great deal of our LIFE.
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 Time = Life.  Life is short, so we need to live it praying, loving, working, playing and sharing.

I would have no problem with anyone not reading my blog if it would allow them more time to pray, communicate with people face to face, to love, to help the poor and to do something concrete about the problems in the Church.

I saw this video on YouTube (there I go again using the internet) on what we miss by being always connected to the internet or on the cell phone.  Click Here.  There are women in tight pants, and that is wrong, but at the same time it is worth viewing this, praying about this and then doing something about it.

This is the most beautiful time of the year, SPRING.  Are you noticing the birds singing, the trees growing, the water flowing and the flowers blooming?  Let us constantly be on guard about the internet and cell phone dominating us.

Use the internet for God’s glory, but with great caution.

i love latin massThen there is the whole other pandemic plague of porn and other evil stuff being marketed on the internet.  As Jesus said, it is better to cut your foot off, your hand off, pluck your eye out, rather than end in hell for how you used them to get you there for all eternity.
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This next week, write on a sheet of paper how much time you end talking on the cell phone and looking at the computer.  Keep the paper close and be honest with yourself.  Then write on the same piece of paper, log how much time you spend in prayer.  You might also want to document how much time you spend in loving communication with your family and friends.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to be cautious of how we live our lives.