Please God, He Is The Only One Who Will Judge Your Eternal Destiny

St. Stanislaus, Bishop and Martyr of Cracow Poland had his head chopped off by King Boleslaw II during The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  He had excommunicated and condemned King Boleslaw II for his excessive cruelty and unbridled lust.  He also disputed with him over land he had taken away from the Church.  He prayed, cried, and admonished the King to turn away from his sinful life. St._StanislausThe king sent men to kill St. Stanislaus but were repelled by miraculous force.  So the king himself went and silenced the voice of God.  It was the same as what King Herod did to St. John the Baptist for condemning his living in sin with his brothers wife. We learn from these men to please God even when it will “cost our head“.  No matter what people think of us, do to us, say about us for speaking the traditional Catholic truth, in the end, only God will be there to judge us when we die.  We will all die.  Our life, this time is quickly passing.

Some of those we call “Champions of Catholic Orthodoxy” are so more out of their staunch defense of Catholic morality than the Catholic Faith. One such is Saint Stanislaus of Cracow. Stanislaus was born in answer to prayer when his parents were advanced in age. Out of gratitude they educated him for the Church, and from a holy priest he became in time Bishop of Cracow. Boleslaus II was then King of Poland – a prince of good disposition, but spoiled by a long course of victory and success. After many acts of lust and cruelty, he outraged the whole kingdom by carrying off the wife of one of his nobles. Against this public scandal the chaste and gentle Bishop alone raised his voice. Having commended the matter to God, he went down to the palace and openly rebuked the king for his crime against God and his subjects, and threatened to excommunicate him if he persisted in his sin. To slander the Saint’s character, Boleslaus suborned the nephews of one Paul, lately dead, to swear that their uncle had never been paid for land bought by the Bishop for the Church. The Saint stood fearlessly before the king’s tribunal, though all his witnesses forsook him, and guaranteed to bring the dead man to witness for him within three days. On the third day, after many prayers and tears, he raised Paul to life, and led him in his burial clothes before the king.

Boleslaus made a show for a while of a better life. Soon, however, he relapsed into the most scandalous excesses, and the Bishop, finding all remonstrance useless, pronounced the sentence of excommunication. In defiance of the censure, on May 8, 1079, the king went down to a chapel where the Bishop himself was offering Mass, and sent in three companies of soldiers to dispatch him at the altar. Each in turn came out, saying they had been frightened by a light from Heaven. Then the king slew the Saint at the altar with his own hand. Boleslaus was deposed and fled to Hungary, where he entered a monastery as a penitent. Saint Stanislaus was named the Patron Saint of Poland. Out of deference to St. Michael, the feast of Saint Stanislaus is kept on the day prior to his martyrdom May 7.” SalveMariaRegina

jesus-crucifixion1In this world, Jesus, St. Stanislaus and all the saints were “scorned and rejected”.   But after death they were exalted forever in the God’s Kingdom of heaven.  What matters? a few years of persecution and eternal reward in heaven, or being part of the worldly society, being popular and being forever in the kingdom of darkness with the devil.

Before Latin Mass a friend came to me to talk with me.  A few days ago she and her husband had a visitor who is estranged from his wife.  This wife had promised to do witchcraft on him.  He had told them about his fear of this. The next morning, the devil appeared to my friend and grabbed her by the face and lifted up her body off the bed she was sitting on.  She had exorcised Holy Water and squirt the devil with it.  He left her alone instantly.  But now, she is so afraid from this terrible incident, that she will not stay in the house alone.  She told me over and over again how horrible the experience was and that she is still terrified by it.

I say this to remind us of how horrible a few seconds of the devil is in this world.  And yet many think nothing of joining him and all his friends in the eternal fires of hell.  These real experiences are strong motivations to stay pure and holy.  They are reminders that the persecution we go through, for speaking the truth, is nothing considering the horrors of the devil and damnation.

We are so blessed to have the Holy Latin Mass, Our Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph terror of demons, St. Michael, the Angels, Crucifixes, the Exorcised St. Benedict’s Medal, the Holy Rosary, the Holy Scapular and Exorcised Holy Water. God does not leave His children alone.  He loves us and gave us His only beloved Son to die on the cross to save us from the devil and damnation.  Thank You God.