What a Traditional Catholic Priest Needs for A Latin Baptism In A Hospital

Maximiliano was born Monday with his intestines and liver outside of his abdomen.
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 His family and myself have know this for a long time and have been praying for him and blessing him in his mothers tummy.  So his mother wanted to be sure that I would be at the hospital as soon as he was born to baptize him.

724So I had to pack everything up.

1) The Latin Baptismal Rite Book.

2) The Holy Oils (Oil of Catechumens and Sacred Chrism).

3) Exercised and blessed Water (I used the water blessed at Saturday night Easter Vigil).

4) Exorcized and blessed salt.

5) Purple and white Stole.

6) Cotton balls.

7) White cloth.

8) Candle and Matches (I had to light the candle and give to godparents outside NICU).

Be sure to get the paperwork done and if possible, have the Godparents and parents there.

C019_VirginMaximiliano was born on St. Peter of Verona’s feast day.  So I have begged them to add on the name Peter.  They have been polite and said nothing.
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 I am still hoping for it because it is so important to have the name of the saint who’s feast day you were born on.

Maximiliano is recovering very well thanks to the baptism, faith and prayers.  His poor mother has been desperate ever since the doctors told her about the condition of her boy.  All of you who have problems, pray, get priests to bless you and have faith.