Traditional Catholic Contemplative Interior And Exterior Prayer

Our daily prayer is so important.  Jesus went off alone to pray often.  Mary pondered all these things in her heart.  We traditional Catholics need to keep working on our prayers.

1488094_293688644120189_113383214_nWe traditional Catholics take very serious sin and the grave offense it is to God.  We try very hard to never offend Jesus by committing a mortal sin.
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 What also helps us do this is our constant reminders to ourselves of our eminent death some day and the “pains of Hell”.  The love for God, the hatred of sin and the fear of pains of hell, helps us to avoid sin and to keep our souls pure.   We also know that a clean soul and heart are so important in order to have a close, deep interior prayer life,

Francis Borgia_At the Deathbed of an Impenitent_Goya y Lucientes, Francisco deWe also care very much about the exterior world, the posture, the words, and the theologically content of the prayers we pray.  All this is of utmost importance.  But we also need to be careful not to get caught up only in the exterior aspects (as indispensable as they are) and forget about the end; an interior connection to God.  The exterior actions; things and words, are merely channels and means to the deep union with God.

mystical_roseThe quiet, prayerful, reverent and sacredness of the Holy Latin Mass, sets the stage for us to then move from the here and now to the forever.  That is why I advocate not using the missal once you have mastered the Latin Mass.  I advocate kneeling, sitting, standing in a contemplative way.  That means that you remain passive interiorly so that God can do the work.  Let God act on you rather than you having to do all the work to be in prayer.

It is similar to the time you spend before the Blessed Sacrament.  You can read the Bible, read your favorite prayers, pray the Holy Rosary.  But there should always be a time when you are in contemplative silence and connect with God, hidden in His silent presence.

Franciscan in prayer_Woodcut Ink PrintIt is not just praying in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament that we connect with God.  We want to practice this connecting to God with all our actions every second of our life.  All day long, waking, making your morning offering, washing, shaving, drinking coffee, cooking, eating, driving, working, studying, talking on the phone, going on the internet, being with family and friends and resting, are times to connect with God and be in communication with God.

This is not easy to do.  But just the effort to do it, pleases God and has some effect on our union with God or prayer.  It helps us remember that God is always active; in our being, in our actions and in our charity.  We live and breathe in Him.

1472075_251950508294003_1988518467_nThen when the problems come, (and they are sure to come), we are already automatically  connected interiorly to God.  Even these suffering, hurts, misunderstanding, doubts and problems can become a means of prayer.
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 If we can find God’s hand in our sufferings, we will have plenty of meaningful prayer, just because there is so much suffering in life.  Don’t waste these precious moments of grace.  It also makes it so much less heavy and depressing.

As traditional Catholics we are so blessed to live a life conformed to God and in union with Mary.  But we need to make time for prayer and see it as the greatest activity of our whole day.  We then can turn all our worries for the Church, the world, over to God who is so Powerful.  Prayer is by far the most efficient way of fixing problems.  Actions come second.

Some people say that St. Ignatius of Loyola said; “Work as if all depends on God, Pray as if all depends on you”.  But I like St. Augustine’s saying better:

“Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.”