St. Catherine of Siena On Hell And Catholic Youth Selling Souls To Illuminati

God taught St. Catherine of Siena about heaven, purgatory and hell.  One thing that struck me as great truth, was how she was told that the devil is so horrible to look at, that just one sight of him, would torment them for all eternity because he is so horrible to look at.


I tell you, in hell there are four principal torments and all the others are offspring of these. 

The first is that these souls are deprived of seeing me. This is so painful for them that if they could they would choose the sight of me along with the fire and excruciating torments, rather than the freedom from their pains without seeing me. 

The first suffering revives the worm of conscience, and this is their second torment. For when they see that their sinfulness has deprived them of me and of the company of the angels and made them worthy instead of seeing the demons and sharing their fellowship, conscience gnaws away at them constantly.

The sight of the devil is their third suffering, and it doubles every other torment. At the sight of me the saints are in constant exaltation, joyfully refreshed in reward for the labors they bore for me with such overflowing love and to their own cost. But it is just the opposite for these wretched little souls. Their only refreshment is the torment of seeing the devil, for in seeing them they know themselves better: that is, they recognize that their sinfulness has made them worthy of him. And so the worm gnaws on and the fire of conscience never stops burning. 

Their suffering is even worse because they see the devil as he really is- more horrible than the human heart can imagine. You will recall that when I once let you see him for a tiny while, hardly a moment, as he really is, you said (after coming to your senses again) that you would rather walk on a road of fire even till the final judgment day than see him again. But even with all you have seen you do not know how horrible he really is. For my divine justice makes him look more horrible than still to those who have lost me, and this is in proportion to the depth of their sinfulness. 

The fourth torment is fire. This fire burns without consuming, for the soul cannot be consumed, since it is not material (such as fire could consume) but spiritual. But in my divine justice I allow my fire to burn these souls mightily, tormenting them without consuming them. And the tremendous pain of this tortuous burning has as many forms as the forms of their sins and is more or less severe in proportion to their sins.”  God to St. Catherine

Today, over and over again, I hear of youth playing around with the devil’s Illuminati.  They think it is so “cool” (till they get to the hot fires of hell) to get involve with the Illuminati because;

1) Their friends do and it is popular.

2) Because the stars do.

3) Because it will give them sex, money, power and fame.

I just looked at a few minutes of this Youtube on hell.  That is all it takes to remind me of how horrible hell real is.  Here is another; but be careful because it has really bad adds before you can see the movie on YouTube on Hell .

Hell_MEMLING, Hans (2)Yes, there is no worse thought than that just one person might be forever damned to burn in fire, be tortured by devils and lose heaven.  Try to have anyone you love watch this Youtube video.  I just cannot understand how Catholics do not worry about eternal damnation.  Many people in the Church today will “damned” you if you so much as to  happen to speak about it.

That is why we are traditional Catholics.  We believe that God really did show St. Catherine of Siena the reality of heaven, purgatory and hell.  Just because people today do not believe in it, does not make the reality go away.  Jesus teaches about it over and over again.  Mary has shown it to the children of Fatima and others.  The Church Fathers taught about it.  The saints saw it.  Yet we are still so prideful as know better than Jesus, Mary and the saints.  Why are we that stupid to ignore it?  Why would we ever risk going there?

Crucifixion_LIEFERINXE, JosseJesus died on the cross to save us from hell, the devil and eternal death.  Let us humbly remind ourselves of the real sacrifice He made to save us from our deserved damnation.  We are so blessed to be given the graces to be saved.

These graces that Jesus won for us on the cross and that are necessary to be saved are;

1) Have faith in the Father, The Son Jesus and The Holy Spirit.

2) Baptism.

3) Believe in and be a good Catholic Christian.

4) Believe in, obey and practice all the 2000 year old teachings of the Catholic Church.

5) Receive the Body and Blood of Jesus in Holy Communion.

6) Remain in His graces by not committing mortal sin.

7) If by any chance we may have committed a mortal sin, we make a good confession.

8) Practice our faith and do works of charity for others.

Meditate everyday on the reality that as we rush through our lives;

Death_Dance of_stained glass_detail21) Death is rushing towards us.  We will die some day, sooner or later, no one escapes it.

2) We will die and be judged alone, with no one but ourselves to answer for our eternal destiny.  All our family and friends who in this life told us there was no hell, that is not sin, we do not need to obey God’s commandments, we do not need to practice our Catholic faith, they will not be there to give excuses or help us from being damned.  It will only be between you and God; absolutely no one else.  Please do not fool yourself to think they will be their to help you.  NO NO NO.  Only you and God.

3) We will do everything possible to avoid damnation.   That means avoiding the occasion of sin like;

1) Family and friends that take us away from God and toward sin.

2) Places that lead us to sin.

3) Things that cause us to sin like the cell phone or computer.

Every minute, we humbly turn to God for His help, in prayer, to live a life pleasing to Him.