Pope John XXIII And Pope John Paul II Not Always Perfect

With fear and trepidation one approaches these two popes.  I remember vaguely the death of Pope Pius XII.  I also remember the love people had for John Kennedy and Pope John.  When I was young we went and visited the birthplace of Pope John XXIII.

media-603309-7I do not remember anything of the death of Pope John XXIII.  In 1965 I met Pope Paul VI when my family had a private audience with Pope Paul VI.  I remember the death of Pope Paul and the election and death of Pope John Paul I. (Is Rome going to Canonize Pope John Paul I?)  And of course the election of Pope John Paul II.

I went to 2 World Youth Days; Paris (1997) and Rome (2000).  I had great love for Pope John Paul II and felt sad when he died in 2004.

I know that he tried to stand up against the ordination of women to the priesthood, abortion, birth control, homosexual sex and divorce.  In those days, with the revolution of many bishops, priests, religious and theologians against the Encyclical “Humanae Vitae” (Church affirmation of gravity of sin to use birth control), Pope John Paul had a huge task of fighting against all the extreme progressiveness in the Church.

But the major problems I have with Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul are the changes in Catholic teachings in Vatican II documents on collegiality, ecumenism and religious freedom that Pope John allowed and Pope John Paul implemented and practiced.  It is very important to remember that the Vatican sent out documents and asked for bishop conferences that pretty much did what bishops voted for or wanted to do in their own diocese/church.

The other problem is the amount of sex abuse that happened during the pontificate of Pope John Paul II.  The most obvious are those of Fr. Marcial Maciel (Legion of Christ).

169_BuddhaAssisi05Besides this, is the terrible gathering at Assisi where pagan witch doctors and other pagan religious leaders did their stuff along with praying for peace.  It is very clear in the Holy Bible that all the gods of pagans are devils.  “For all the gods of the Gentiles are devils: but the Lord made the heavens.”  And I heard that they did these pagan sacrifices on Catholic altars.  I did see a picture of a buddha being adored on top of a tabernacle.

I am all for peace, but not this way.  It is obvious that it did not work, there is still so much fighting and war in world even after Pope Benedict prayed together with the pagans again.    On this occasion, the pagans offered their worship to devils in the Catholic retreat rooms where they were staying.
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Also Pope John Paul kissed the Koran.

Pope Pius X_holy cardSo, all that being said, I do not think we should have these two popes as examples of perfection.  We traditional Catholics need to keep on speaking the truth no matter how much we are judged, despised, and persecuted for it.  We must always do it in charity and clarity.  I love Pope Pius V and Pope Pius X.